Student Government Association Gets Involved

Maya Mohan – Staff Writer

At Broward College’s North Campus, eight freshmen are making a difference in their learning community by being a part of the Student Government Association (SGA). The Student Government is responsible for planning events on North Campus.

According to Daniel Quijano, the advisor of SGA as well as the Director of Student Life, they are also the only active Student Government on all three Broward College campuses.

For North Campus, the goal of SGA is to encourage student involvement regardless of race, ethnic or social background, celebrating different heritage.

SGA also advocates for the student body by addressing any concerns or changes that would like to be made. The officers of The Student Government Association on North Campus are: Devonte Caine, President of SGA majoring in Business Administration; Davin Alphonse, Vice President majoring in Nursing; Alejandra Preciado, Secretary majoring in Zoology; Nicole Metelus, Senator majoring in Nursing; Tiana Bartley, Senator majoring in Meteorology; Ludikah Escarment, Senator majoring in Nursing; Delaena Milien, Senator and aspiring Fashion Designer and Maya Mohan, Senator and newest member of Student Government majoring in STEM.

Bartley decided to join SGA “purely for the experience, but after getting involved, I realized I was here for more.” she said.

“Joining SGA was one of the best decisions that I could make because it allowed me to have a voice in our college.”

Alphonse said, “My goal of being a part of SGA is to leave a big impact on the school in the little time that we have here. Even though we aren’t like the big universities, I want to give the students here an experience just like it.”

On Nov.10, Student Life hosted a Town hall meeting where SGA was able to present results from the Broward College Student Experience Survey emailed to students on North Campus.

They were able to address common concerns and issues, as well as express what the administration has been doing right, making sure that life on campus is not disrupted.

A common concern was campus safety, especially for female students. Another was the lack of food variety on North Campus, with the only option at the moment being Subway.

The President of SGA is also looking forward to “extending food choices to accommodate everyone.”

For any other concerns, students can make an appointment with the Dean of Students, located in suite 218 on North Campus to further express any other issues they may have. 

Currently, there are changes being made to administration to create an easier student experience, according to Luz Negron-Alvarez, Dean of Students on North Campus.

There will also be a food pantry held on North Campus on Dec. 9. Student Government has many more activities planned for the month of November including an open mic event and PB Jam.

Spring semester on North Campus is packed with many more activities to bring about a new and exciting experience. Student Government looks forward to being a part of what makes Broward College different from the rest and hopes that other students, including future ones, can feel more confident knowing that there is someone to represent them and bring about new ideas and change within their college community.

For more information about SGA, email Quijano at

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