Give Thanks at Broward College with a pre-Thanksgiving Meal

Jessica KladermanEditor in Chief

With Thanksgiving break coming up, many students are focusing on midterms and term papers. There’s a lot of studying going on, time management is going to be key to get students through to the end of the semester, which is quickly approaching. 

With so much to account for in our academic life, on top of possibly working full time and even taking care of a family it can feel overwhelming, having to plan out a Thanksgiving dinner.

Earlier this semester, Broward College, commonly referred to as BC, embarked on its latest efforts to combat student food scarcity, and provide access to students who may otherwise not have access to food with the Seahawk Marketplace on Central Campus.

Food insecurity, according to, can be defined as “the disruption of food intake or eating patterns because of lack of money and other resources.” 

This disruption can be caused by so many things, including not having the time or resources to go grocery shopping regularly, and to prep and cook enough food throughout the week to stay full and fueled. Not even counting remembering to eat throughout a busy schedule that can include working and raising a family, like many parent-students do who attend BC.

This Thanksgiving, Student life is joining forces with Student Outreach Services, or SOS, and the newly welcomed Seahawk Marketplace on Central Campus for a pre-Thanksgiving event welcoming students to the Building 19 Patio at 11 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov.23.

At this event, students will be able to receive a meal, including but not limited to, Publix “Pub Sub” boxes with either ham, turkey or veggie subs, a cookie, chips, and a beverage. 

There will also be care packages created for students to take home to create a Thanksgiving dinner they will never forget.

Additionally, there will be a small station set up for students to record what they are thankful for and any gratitude they may feel empowered to share.

“We are trying to help … let students know that if they have food insecurities, that there is a place for them year-round on campus to help,” said Lauren Adamo, Central Campus Director for Student Life.

The Marketplace is available to students who may be struggling to stay fed, or to feed their households throughout the year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, at no extra cost. 

Students are able utilize both the Marketplace and the monthly Food and Hygiene Drive-Through’s, happening at North Campus on the second Thursday of the month and at South Campus on the thirrd Wednesday of the month, at alternating intervals with zero consequences, for their households.

For more information about the Give Thanks event, please reach out to Student Life by emailing

For more information on the Seahawk Marketplace, please email

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