Lebron James is still doing LBJ things in his 17th year

Noel Cabrera

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Lebron James is showing that he will not allow age to end his run at this year’s title.

“It’s probably going to be one of – probably the toughest one,” James said to media following practice in the Disney Bubble. “It’s the toughest championship for me personally. From the circumstances of just being in here.”

“As far as me locking in on an opponent and individuals, that hasn’t changed, James said. “What’s different is this environment, not home. Not with my family, not in my own bed, I’m not in our own practice facility. I’m not preparing to be at Staples Center tomorrow with our fans. I’m not with a lot of things that’s essential to my everyday regimen. So that’s what’s different. As far as mentally, that always going to be sharp.”

The Lakers returned to the playoffs after an unprecedented six-year stretch in which the organization watched the post season from home.

Anthony Davis joined Lebron this year to help him conquer this quest. Davis is a 7x All Star, 3x All-NBA, 3x All-Defensive, and 2012-2013 All-Rookie, so his resume brings strength to Lebron’s side.

James is embarking on his 14th playoff campaign, in search for his fourth championship.

Before joining the Lakers, James had been to the playoffs in 13 consecutive seasons with eight straight appearances in the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, last season he suffered a groin injury on Christmas that kept him out for five weeks and quickly put out the light to Lakers’ playoffs hopes.

James is known for making basketball look easy and having so many appearances in the postseason, but he himself does not take that for granted.

“I don’t take anything for granted,” James said to the media. “I live life, every day I maximize that day. I don’t take anything for granted. Because at the end of the day, I know where I come from, I know what I stand for, so I don’t take anything for granted, especially being in my 17th season. I don’t go into any season saying ‘OK, playoffs, playoffs, championship, championship.’ I just am all about the process.”

The playoffs have always treated Lebron well. He has remained one of the most consistent playoff performers in the league. He never once averaged below 23 points per game, and that speaks of his post-season success.

Although he has admitted to saying this will be his most challenging postseason, his numbers from the first round are not showing any signs of downturn, especially in Game 5.

In Game 5 of round 1, James was the most efficient player on the court for the Lakers. He scored 24 points 1 rebound, and 5 assists until the first half. At the end of the game, he had 36 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists on the stat sheet. This triple-double in the playoffs broke a 32-year-old franchise record set by Lakers great James Worthy.

When the Lakers needed someone to sink from downtown, James did the job. If they were hoping for an unstoppable pass through the paint, No. 23 pulled it off repeatedly. And when they looked for a teammate to charge through the lane; well, James does that with ease.

James also added another triple double to his resume as he holds the title for most career playoffs triple doubles in NBA History.

That Game 5 sealed the deal for the first round as the Lakers won the series 4-1 and now look ahead to the next round match up versus the winner of Oklahoma City and Houston Rockets.

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