Apps That Will Help You Save Money During This Pandemic

Kayla Marie Rodriguez

Contributing Writer

These are trying times not only for the entire world, but also our bank accounts and our pockets. I don’t know about everyone else, but I have been online shopping more than I ever thought I could during this pandemic. My family can say the same as well. After (what feels like) a million Amazon packages you start realizing where you went wrong. Many people have lost their jobs, or their jobs have been put on hold during this pandemic. The only income would be the generous check the government paid those who are unemployed and are over 18. Some people and some families have been okay, and it has been do-able to maintain the household, but others haven’t been so lucky. People have bills to pay and need to provide for their family, so I think all of us can understand that it can be a difficult time for some people. I’m here to give you some apps that can help you save money, whether it’s grocery shopping or you want to buy new things to entertain yourself or your family while you’re at home…


#1: Fetch: This app will help you turn your grocery and retail store receipts into rewards! Such as gift cards, and coupons.

#2: Inboxdollars: In this app all you have to do is watch videos, complete surveys, use coupons, etc. to earn money!

#3: Acorns: This will help you invest your spare change by rounding up the purchases you make with your choice of card payment.

#4: Ibotta: Ibotta will help you save money by redeeming cash back on certain purchases you make (online or in store).

#5: Receipt Pal: This is an easy app to use. You submit receipts and earn gift cards or cash! Very similar to the app “Fetch.”

#6: Coinout: This app will help you save your change and make money off your receipts as well.

#7: (this is not an app but it is another useful way to save) Just in case you haven’t guessed it.. This website is for coupons. This website has printable coupons, digital coupons and sales.

#8: Earny: Earny is an app that will help you save money on items that have dropped in price after your purchase. You can pretty much get refunded. The way it works is through e-receipts, but don’t worry, you will get notified when these things happen.

All of these apps (and one website) has been used and proved to work by people I know. Have fun using these apps and save away.

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