Broward College offers 11 different 10K Bachelor degrees

Melissa Getter recently graduated with a BAS in Supervision and Management. Photo Courtesy of Melissa Getter


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Launching in 2015, Broward College, along with a state initiative provided by Governor Rick Scott, broke new ground in broadening their educational horizons and expanding their curriculum to incorporate the $10K initiative- a bachelor’s degree educational plan that originally included five programs.

According to Jeffrey Nasse, the Interim Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, BC is “constantly growing, moving and learning.” As a result of this dedication, BC took its program even further for their students by extending the program. BC currently offers a total of 11 baccalaureate programs at one of the lowest costs in the nation- nearly all of Broward College’s Bachelor’s degrees are now $10K.

As a part of BC’s $10K initiative, eligible students pay the first $10,000 of tuition and fees, and the college pays the remainder of the student’s tuition and fees during their last year of study.

When asked about how he felt in leading the program, Nasse said, “Broward College strives to be a leader in providing access to affordable higher education, and the decision to position nearly all of our bachelor degree programs at a cost of $10,000 is a true reflection of that continued commitment.

This initiative provides students with the opportunity to obtain one of the most affordable bachelor’s degrees in the nation, while allowing Broward College to contribute to the economic growth of our community.”

The $10K bachelor’s degrees include: Exceptional Student Education (BS); Middle Grades General Science – Grades 5-9 (BS); Secondary Biology Education – Grades 6-12 (BS); Middle Grades Mathematics Education – Grades 5-9 (BS); Secondary Mathematics Education – Grades 6-12 (BS); Environmental Science: Physical Science (BS); Environmental Science: Biosecurity (BS); Supervision and Management (BAS); Technology Management (BAS); Information Technology (BAS) and Supply Chain Management (BAS).

The most popular program to date has been the Bachelor’s of Supply Chain Management.

According to Alina Tulloch, a Research Associate for BC, students can submit an application for review at any point.

Tulloch further said, however, that “we actively look to enroll students for the start of each term. Prior to the start term, we’ll review a student’s record to assess eligibility. We have pre-calculated the cost of a student’s degree so that a student will not exceed the $10,000. For the vast majority of programs, we pay for the final 30 credit hours. However, there are some for which we have paid 33 credits because the program is more expensive. We are unable to cover the costs of credits that do not count toward the student’s graduation requirements.

Melissa Getter, who graduated with a BAS in Supervision and Management in December 2018, discussed the program’s impact.

“I was able to complete the program and get my BAS in four semesters. Alina made sure everything went smoothly and it was a great experience,” said Getter.

Getter was sought after by the program and will be attending Barry University this semester to pursue her master’s degree.

“If BC offered a master’s program, I would have just stayed there because of how great my experience was.”

Thus far, there have been a total of 18 students who have graduated from the program with five more anticipated to graduate in the Spring semester.

So here is the fine print: Completion of AA/AS and BS/BAS must be at Broward College. Students must meet and maintain all program eligibility requirements. The $10,000 student cost will be calculated based on in-state tuition and associated fee rates for upper-level courses as posted at

Associated fees include student activities and services, technology, financial aid, capital improvement and distance learning. Please note: the $10,000 cost does not include special course fees, library fees, lab fees, parking and transportation fees, textbooks, credit hours outside of a student’s program of study, prep or repeat courses or other associated program costs, which are the responsibility of the student.

Prior to completion of 75 credit hours, students must apply for a 10K award and be formally accepted by the college.

Any interested students must meet the following requirements: 3.0 cumulative GPA each term; committed to continuous enrollment (summer term optional); full-time status and successful completion of at least 30 credits per academic year; no more than 15 accelerated or transfer credits upon program enrollment and Florida residency.

Prior to completion of 75 credit hours, students must apply for a $10K award and be formally accepted by the college.

For more information or to apply, visit

Students may also contact or email Research Tulloch at to receive any further information about the 10K Initiative.

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