What is the Best Playlist to Work Out to?

Elliot Titto

Staff writer

So, let me ask you something; are you exercising? It’s ok, no one’s going to judge you. I’ll give you my personal experience to make you more comfortable. I have a love/hate relationship with working out. Often, I find myself having phases throughout the year to which I don’t work out due to school, work, band, you know the usual. Sometimes, when I’m off school, I’m too lazy to work out and end up catching up on my Netflix instead. Once I get motivated, I’m really into working out. I study different techniques, eat the right foods, and design a schedule for myself to get into better shape. School comes around and thus ends the phase of working out.

Motivation and routine reside as the best tools to accomplish anything in anyone’s life. So, what stops us from accomplishing what we want? A lot has to do with the bad habits we inhabit in our daily lives. According to NPR’s article “Habit’s: How They Form and How to Break Them” says, “It turns out that every habit starts with a psychological pattern called a “habit loop,” which is a three-part process. First, there’s a cue or trigger, that tells your brain to go into automatic mode and let a behavior unfold. Then there’s the routine, which is the behavior itself. That’s what we think about when we think about habits.” The third step,” he says, “is the reward: something that your brain likes that helps it remember the “habit loop” in the future.”

Exercise always makes everyone good internally and externally. Once we instill it into our daily lifestyle, we feel more confident in ourselves. Now, many people struggle to get from their bed to pumping iron. Why is that? Is it time? Is it a lack of space? Is it motivation? Is it a lack of a routine? Is it a repeated course of bad habits? The answer’s simple, it’s one or all these choices. Yet 9 out of 10 times, motivation leads the way to you not working out. Well fear not, I’ve investigated some personal research about the increase of encouragement to exercise. It’s all about one thing, the playlist.

My own studies have shown that the absence of music may be the cause of your lack of involvement pumping iron. Belle Bath Cooper’s article “The Surprising Science Behind What Music Does To Our Brains” on Fast Company reports that “Our body realizes we’re tired and wants to stop exercising, it sends signals to the brain to stop for a break. Listening to music competes for our brain’s attention and can help us to override those signals of fatigue, though this is mostly beneficial for low- and moderate-intensity exercise.” I’ve noticed that certain types of music motivate myself to complete certain tasks. During classwork, I love to listen to Mahler, Beethoven, and Mozart so I can concentrate on acing the course. While exercising, I find that hard/rock and rap/hip hop give me the right amount of adrenaline to push through, push-ups, planks, and lifting weights.

I’ve told my friends my findings to which they followed and noticed to that the playlist encouraged them to leap out of bed to pump iron. So, I hope I can bestow the following list so all of you can be inspired to feel great again. Enjoy the list!

1. Hardwired-Metallica
2. Taipei Person/Allah Tea- Stone Sour
3. Black Skinhead- Kanye West
4. Walk this Way- RUN-DMC feat. Aerosmith
5. The Sin and The Sentence- Trivium
6. Lift Me Up- Five Finger Death Punch feat. Rob Halford
7. Venom- Eminem
8. All Love is Lost- Body Count
9. Absolute Zero- Stone Sour
10. I Need a Doctor- Dr Dre. Feat. Eminem, Skylar Grey
11. Show me a Leader- Alter Bridge
12. Rockstar-Post Malone feat. 21 Savage
13. Bulls on Parade- Rage Against the Machine
14. Fade Away- Logic
15. Break- Three Days Grace
16. Mouth for War- Pantera
17. Moth into Flame- Metallica
18. Freaks and Geeks- Childish Gambino
19. This Side of Fate- Alter Bridge
20. Strife-Trivium
21. Cozza Frenzy- Bassnectar
22. I’m Broken- Pantera
23. The Game- Motorhead
24. Power- Kanye West
25. People=Sh*t- Slipknot
26. Crazy Horse- Black Label Society
27. No Role Modelz- J Cole
28. AOV-Slipknot
29. Murder One- Metallica
30. Indestructible- Disturbed
31. Jaguar God- Mastodon


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