Student Life brings health and wellness to campus life

Ray Alce

Social Media Editor

Between exams, papers overdue and maintaining an active social life, plenty of college students feel they cannot really find the time to keep up with their personal health and wellness. 

Just like any nationwide colleges or universities, Broward College, especially the Student Life and the Wellness department, provide endless physical activities and resources for students to stay healthy and illness free.

Physical activities and nutrition are directly linked to mental health, effective study habits and regular sleep patterns. As college students, we always feel stressed and some of the benefits of physical activities are reduced stress, boosted brain function, improved mood etc. 

Some people say, “You are what you eat,” which we can infer that what we eat and drink has a direct impact on our overall wellness. Poor nutrition can cause impaired mental function, lack of energy, diseases etc. 

The Student Life and the Wellness Department of Broward College has put in place countless physical activities on campus such as cardio kickboxing, hip-hop cardio dance, yoga, volleyball, soccer, meditation classes, basketball, ping pong tournaments, chess tournaments and weekly workshops. 

“Something for Everyone,” mentioned Diana Hargis, the coordinator of Student Life on Central Campus, who talked about one of her favorites activities the LIVE cooking workshop, which helps student learn how to prepare healthy food and be prepared for the week ahead. 

Besides instigating activities that will keep the students healthy, the Student Life department hosts “It’s on US,” which is a pledge day where over 700 students signed to stop sexual assault on campus. Also, to promote safety on campus BC hosts campus safety days and shots fired on campus.

In case you cannot partake in any of these activities and have questions regarding wellness and health, there is an event called Ask a Trainer, which allows any student to have a one-on-one consultation with a certified trainer. 

This semester, they will be showing a movie series, What the Health, which explores the consumption of animal products and disease.

Any students interested in any contest, for example, Seahawk Fit Challenge or Seahawk Strong contest, please follow these departments on social media and be on the lookout for any upcoming activities.

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