Nick Meyer shares passion for International Affairs, life of travel

Rehan Ally

Online Editor

Broward College is full of extraordinary individuals. BC also has many special programs, such as College Academy (CA) that allows students flexibility with their education. Nick Meyer is a 17-year-old College Academy student with a list of aspirations fueled by his travels.

Meyer is of Irish descent and moved to Florida in 2015. Due to his father being in the Navy, Meyer has been able to travel and live in 13 different places before coming to Florida, such as Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Maryland, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Japan.

“At first moving around was tough but then you get used to it and you can’t stay in one place for too long,” he said. 

Meyer previously attended West Broward High School. He didn’t like school too much because it was difficult to make friends and the teaching styles were different. 

The independence and freedom of scheduling drew him into CA. He also did not want to pass up two years of free college. Since joining CA, he’s been more successful in his academics than ever before.

Meyer’s major is International Relations. His ability to travel, live in so many regions, meet so many people, and experience different cultures has cultivated within him a love for any and everything international.

Since eighth grade, he has been set on his career path in International Relations. His first job was working for the U.S. Department of Defense at the U.S. Southern Command office in Doral. He started the job the day he turned 16, working as a human rights analyst.

Working there, he was exposed to many human rights issues across South America and Latin America.

“Name a country and I can tell you a human rights issue that they have,” he said.

He developed a strong passion for human rights from that job and looks for that when applying to schools. He has applied to the University of Chicago, American University in Washington D.C., and more.

Specifically, Meyer would like to work with refugees. He wants them to be treated with equal opportunity and respect.

“I think we often fail to remember that these are people too just like us, they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” he said. 

Meyer also has a passion for learning different languages. He is currently learning French and Japanese. His goal is to be fluent in those languages.

Living in Japan for a period of time has helped him with the language. He lived there from age 7 to 9 and says it was one of the most amazing experiences he’s ever had.

He noted many cultural differences between the Japanese and Americans, such as their emphasis on respect and politeness. While living in Japan, he was able to travel to other nations like Singapore and Australia.

Some of Meyer’s hobbies include hanging out with his friends and exploring Florida. 

“After moving to so many different places I have so many friends across so many different parts of the world. Like just look at my Snap[chat] map it’s crazy,” he said.

He and his friends like to take trips, cook, watch movies and listen to music. He’s made a great group of friends while attending CA. His friend group is very diverse, including his twin brother, classmates, and students from organizations he’s a part of.

Meyer is a member of Model United Nations, and he is president of the National Honor Society. He is also the class president for CA so he plays a key role in planning events for the students. 

Recently, he organized the Central Campus walkout to end gun violence after the shooting at MSD high school. He was proud after seeing the success and turnout. 

Meyer is an extraordinary student with stories to tell and goals to accomplish. He will continue to pursue his passion for learning, exploring and helping others. He encourages students to try new things and take risks. 

“Whatever you have a passion for, you should pursue it… as long as you have a passion it’s going to be a source of happiness in your life,” he said. 

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