Film Production Club Allows Students to Share Love of Film

Marquis Grant – Staff Writer

Attention all creative students, Broward College is now hosting a film production club started by students from the film program to fulfill your creative aspirations. The BC film club is especially valuable because it allows students not already in the film program the opportunity to create, network and prepare for a future navigating creative professional endeavors, including the movie industry.

Makayla Deane is the club’s founder and a sophomore student majoring in art at Broward College. Deane and a group of other film students were in an Intro to Film class with Professor Nathan Mikita, who is now the film club’s sponsor professor.

These students connected with each other on common interests and their shared passion for filmmaking. When they noticed that there was no film club at BC, they decided to start one in the hopes of creating a space for creative students to connect with others, work on projects, hone their skills and prepare for futures as creative professionals. This club will be an excellent opportunity to have direct experience pitching ideas or stories, using equipment, creating projects and collaborating with other creative students.

Another officer of the club, Valery Guillaume, started at BC in 2019 and originally majored in philosophy before switching to film. He is in the club to move towards his future film goals by gaining credibility as a club officer, meeting new people and improving his craft. Guillaume wants the film club to grow and become a studio for students. He wants new members to know that the film production club is a great environment with passionate, creative people who will help with story ideas they may have or want to develop.

The officers made a point to express that while they do want to help develop stories, the club is not geared towards teaching students but rather collaborating, providing opportunities and facilitating creative work and preparation for future work. Students may be excited to hear that the club officers are open and interested in filming off-location around South Florida.

During the first meeting of the club, students gathered together and went over some expectations for the club experience while sharing their individual skills and interests. Future meetings will prepare to pick and develop a collaborative film with the members of the club.

One member at the club meeting shared that they practice photography while another member, interested in acting, acted out an idea and was encouraged by the group. Towards the end of the meeting, one member played movie soundtracks while other members connected and talked about their interests and abilities further.

Ed Schwartzman is a film production club member and is also an editor, voice actor and lives in Boca Raton. He heard about the club from the club’s officer, Guillaume, while Guillaume was talking about the first meeting coming up. Schwartzman decided to join so he could gain experience making films and also find discussions, especially about soon to be released movies.

If you are a creative individual interested in developing your passion, connecting with other creative students, and preparing for a future as a creative professional, then BC’s film production club is an excellent choice for you.

For anyone interested in joining, the club is located at Broward College’s Central Campus in Building 6, room 209 on Wednesdays from 12-12:45 p.m. Anyone who wants to join can simply show up to meetings. The Instagram account for the club is @bc.filmclub, and their discord server can also be joined to further connect with the group, by following the link or QR code on their Instagram page.

Students in the BC Film Club.                                                                        Marquis Grant/The Observer

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