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The past couple of weeks in the NBA have been extremely exciting. There were quite a few notable performances via great players, from triple-doubles to 50-point games. Also, great role players for playoff teams, are becoming healthy for the inevitable playoff push.

For the Heat, two key role players returned last week. Victor Oladipo returned 1st vs the Rockets, from a quadriceps injury, after 11 months of recovery. After his 1st game back he said, “I’m still getting stronger, still getting better, just gotta keep getting better.” Next was Markieff Morris, who returned from his whiplash injury, after four months. His final steps to return was his case to be heard by the NBA’s Fitness-to-Play Panel, which comprised of three physicians.

For the Bucks as well, two key players are returning tonight vs the Jazz. Brook Lopez was out since opening night, with a nagging back injury. His return will help their defense return to being a top 10 defense, because of his size and defensive ability. Also, George Hill is returning from a neck soreness injury, that caused him to miss 16 games.

The Bulls had a key role player return last week in Alex Caruso. He was out for around four to six weeks with wrist surgery injury. The Cavaliers had a devastating blow to their team when 1st time all-star center, Jarret Allen, fractured his middle finger. He’s currently out indefinitely, so rookie of the year favorite, Evan Mobley, will have to carry the team more offensively and defensively.

The Raptors OG Anunoby fractured his finger earlier this month. He’ll test his finger for two weeks and will be reevaluated after that time period. The Nets best player, Kevin Durant, returned earlier this month vs the Heat from a strained mcl injury. KD was out 19 games and has dominated since he’s been back. Since his injury the Nets were 1st in the eastern conference, and he came back they were 8th. Ben Simmons is currently still out indefinitely because of his nagging back injury, which started to resurface when he tried ramping up to get back to playing. As of right now Simmons has ramped down, is only doing light shooting drills, and currently can’t run or sprint yet.

The Suns Chris Paul had a devastating fractured finger right before Allstar break. He’ll be out 6-8 weeks. About two weeks ago Devin Booker entered health and safety protocols. He returned vs the Heat, and helped the Suns become the 1st team to clinch a playoff berth. The Grizzlies best perimeter defender, Dillon Brooks returned from an ankle injury. He was out 3-5 weeks.

The Warriors Allstar, Draymond Green is returning tonight from a long battle injury, that was connected to his calf. He was out 2 months recovering from this injury. The Lakers Anthony Davis suffered another injury, which was a sprained mid foot. He’s optimistic that he can return before the regular season is over.

There were a couple of huge 50-point performances by two teammates last week. Kyrie Irving and KD carried the Nets the past few games. Irving had 50 points, on 15-19 shooting, with 9-12 from 3-point range vs the Hornets. This was the 2nd most efficient 50-point game in NBA history. KD then dropped 53 points and nine assists yesterday vs the Knicks.

A week plus ago Jayson Tatum dropped 54 points vs KD and the Nets. That same game KD became the 23rd player to reach 25,000 points. Lebron James scored 56 and 50 points in the past two weeks. He’s the oldest player to score 50 points multiple times in a season. Also, last night James became the 1st player to reach 10,000 points, rebounds, and assists; and he basically created his own statistical category, which is mind blowing. This is crazy but Karl Anthony-Towns just scored 60 points with 17 rebounds, which is the most points scored in a game this season. He also had 56 points through three quarters. Also, he’s the first player in NBA history with 60 points, 15 rebounds, and 60 percent from 3-point range.

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