BC’s Study Abroad Programs Reopened for the Summer and Fall Semesters

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Countless college students around the globe dream to one day study abroad and experience a culture they have always dreamed of partaking in. Traveling to Peru, taking a trek to Machu Pichu, taste-testing its unique cuisine, and learning more about the rich cultures birthed in the country all while taking one step closer to finish a degree is what some crave to do, but do not see it happening in their college career.  

Unknown to a great deal of BC students, however, is that Broward College has now reopened its study abroad programs up for students, allowing these dreams to become a reality for students looking to shake up their career journey. 

Of the study abroad grant and scholarship programs currently offered at Broward College, the two most prominent are the Armstrong International Internship Grant and the William E. Green Scholarship.  

While the Armstrong Grant is not particularly for “studying abroad,” it covers the cost of a 1-month internship program curated by the company CRCC Asia. Future interns can currently choose to travel to South Korea, Japan and Vietnam to learn about business in a variety of fields, from computer science, entrepreneurship, fashion and more. These internships not only allow for the acquirement of new knowledge of a business field, but they also allow for the intern to learn country-specific customs and knowledge, build their culture agility, create solid global connections in and out of the field, and increase their employability to future bosses and coworkers. The application deadline for a CRCC Asia July 2022 internship is April 15 at 4 p.m. 

For those who were looking to make the idea of trekking Machu Pichu while finishing their degree a reality, the William E. Greene Scholarship allows for just that. This scholarship covers the cost for one full spring or fall semester of study abroad in the following areas: Lima, Peru; Seville, Spain; San Jose, Costa Rica; Guayaquil, Ecuador and Salzburg, Austria. Along with providing a host of diverse areas and cultures to learn and board at, the scholarship will also be used to cover the full costs of the program, including tuition, housing and student travel insurance. To meet the deadline for the Fall 2022 Semester application, visit students.broward.edu/academics/study-abroad/scholarships.html and turn in the WEG application by April 8 at 4 p.m. 

The benefits of applying for and participating in a study abroad program can truly be endless. Study abroad students usually get to experience an authentic, typical daily life of a person living in the country they are studying in with the aid of a host family. Nikki, a CCIS scholarship alumnus, attributed the study abroad trip she took to Peru as being “authentic and complete” due to the help of the Peruvian host family she lived with. She added that she was able to experience the “daily Peruvian lifestyle via delicious, home cooked meals, local excursions, festivities, and so much more,” all while finishing her degree.  

Studying abroad not only enables a person to immerse themselves into what another country has to offer, but also helps them recognize what they have been ignoring in life. Jamesa, a study abroad scholar who participated in a BC faculty-led study abroad program, described this phenomenon perfectly, saying “it amazed me how happy people can leave being away from technology and among nature.” Modern-day U.S. life encourages its population to be fully online 24/7 but studying abroad shifts that focus towards becoming accustomed to the changes of living in a new country, exploring a new culture and meeting new people. 

Of course, being thrown into a different lifestyle in an entirely different country can be anxiety-inducing, but Tiffany Power, a WEG scholarship alumnus, tells students who have been “thinking about studying abroad, stop thinking and DO.” To Power, “studying abroad is imperative to your growth as an individual,” and one can find out things they have always wanted to know about another country and themselves. 

For more information on the study abroad programs offered at Broward College, contact abroad@broward.edu and visit broward.edu/studyabroad

CCIS alumni traveling on camels. Photo Courtesy of Broward.edu


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