The Next Big Thing: COVID-19 Vaccination, Booster Shot Incentive

Megan Vineberg – Editor-in-Chief

As students return from the Spring semester at Broward College, the COVID-19 pandemic spikes. 

With a new variant of the Corona virus known as Omicron, and cases rising in the state of Florida, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) remains steadfast on vaccination to those who are eligible as the best way to protect against severe illness that require hospitalization. 

From Miami Dade to Broward County, hospitals continue to run understaffed, and a number of new patients are being admitted daily. 

In order to assist with vaccination efforts and prevent spreading the virus, Broward College is providing on-site vaccinations and testing through UrgentMed, and incentives for students to prioritize their individual health as well as that of their families.

Broward College will remain in Action Plan 3 with measures still in place to maintain student, faculty, and staff health. 

On-campus events with more than 10 people  will be suspended for the time being, and additional adjustments will be made as needed. 

Classes will be held in-person and will be prioritized over recreational events on campus.

Spread of COVID-19 and all known variants will be minimized in accordance to the following regulations:

Vaccination remains the best defense against the COVID-19 virus, and known variants, whenever possible. 

The COVID-19 booster shot for those 18 years and older at least two months after receiving initial Johnson & Johnson vaccination or six months after receiving the Pfizer or Moderna vaccination. Those who are 16-17 years of age may also receive booster shots. Further detail can be found on the CDC webpage. 

While indoors, masks are strongly recommended. Masks should be worn covering the nose and mouth. 

Regularly getting tested for COVID-19 and other variants is advised, especially if/when exposed to any persons who are positive for the virus.

When ill, stay home in order to avoid contact with others and prevent spread.

Those students and employees who test positive from within the college should report online as designated. 

If not already vaccinated, students can find the COVID-19 vaccination and booster shot incentive applications online.

As provided by Angela Rodriguez-Soto of Broward College Talent and Culture, 418 employee applications were approved for the booster initiative. 

Also,129 applications were approved for the vaccine incentive. 

In regards to Broward College students, Tara Jones of Student Financial Services said 1378 were approved for the student vaccine incentives, and 466 were approved for the student vaccine booster incentives. 

Vaccine incentives began in mid-August of 2021, while the vaccine booster incentive program was jumpstarted in December after a rise in cases similar to that of August 2021.

According to Jones, both incentives have been extended through May 3, 2022.

Additionally, testing  and vaccination will be offered through Feb. 2 through UrgentMed from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Mondays at Central Campus in bldg. 10, room 115 and 115 A, on Tuesdays on North Campus in bldg. 60, room 207 and on South Campus in bldg. 65, room 110. 

To apply for the vaccine and/or booster incentive, visit

According to Tashika President, District Director, Emergency Management, Broward College, will reevaluate extending testing and vaccination services.

Broward College aims to prevent the spread of COVID-19 virus and additional strains through the Vaccine and Booster Shot Incentive program.
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