Winston the Gentle Giant

Colette TamburiniOnline Editor

Meet Winston, a happy and lovable Pitbull who to Broward college student, Brandon Rodriguez, is the best three-legged pal a human could have! 

Rodriguez rescued Winston and brought him to the Humane Society. His sister came to visit, she immediately gravitated towards the dog, thinking he was so cute. Rodriquez and his sister then chose the Pitbull for a meet and greet, to which when they sat down, Winston got very excited and laid down on their feet. 

Brandon Rodriguez wanted to know what happened to the dog’s missing back leg. The people at the Humane Society said that he got hit by a car when he was a puppy and they had to amputate it. 

After much thought, Rodriguez decided to adopt Winston.

“All Winston does is smile and wants to be loved,” Brandon Rodriguez said. “He always comes in my room and hangs out with me. I am a big fan of grabbing his nub. When it thunders, [Winston] whines and shivers like a baby and I would have to put classical dog music.”

Winston the Pitbull / Image Courtesy of Brandon Rodriguez

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