The BC Central Campus Fall Festival was a success

Kaela PerkinsStaff Writer

Broward College’s Central Campus recently had their Fall Festival on the Sept. 22, which featured fun activities, arts and crafts, foods and drinks. Many students enjoyed themselves.

The Festival had lots of activities for students to enjoy. It had an inflatable obstacle course, mechanical bull riding, kettle corn and pumpkin painting. The activities kept the students entertained and happy. All day students were coming in and out of the Festival.

The Student Life department’s choice of time for the Fall Festival was perfect, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s timing gave students the opportunity to join in on the festivities after their classes. It was convenient for the students.

Although this isn’t the first Fall Festival, this year’s Fall Festival was hosted by Lauren Adamo, the director of Student Life on Central Campus. Adamo thinks events like the Fall Festival are great for the students and BC. She believes that events like the Fall Festival makes students feel connected which in turn helps them succeed in school.

But this event wasn’t just done by Adamo, it was also done by student volunteers. Events at BC usually have opportunities for student volunteers. Student volunteers can earn volunteer hours and scholarship money.

Horace Summers, a Sophomore at BC, is one of the students who volunteered to help out at the Festival. At the Festival, his roles were to make sure students sign in before they could begin activities. Summers said he chose to help with the festival because he “wanted to help the school and the students.”

Students who visited not only seemed to be having a great time, but the Festival gave them the chance to meet people. Due to Covid, it’s been difficult for some students to meet and interact with their peers at school. Megan Merchant and Joshua Lyons, Freshmen at BC, attended the Fall Festival. Merchant found out about this Festival from Instagram and Lyons just happened upon the event while on campus. When Lyons was asked why he decided to stop by he said, “It seemed cool.”

Lyons and Merchant have a together class but never spoke before this event. The Fall Festival gave them a chance to speak outside of a classroom setting. While there, they enjoyed painting pumpkins. Both Lyons and Merchant painted pumpkins together while talking. When asked about how she felt about the Fall Festival Merchant said, “overall, I liked the event but mostly cared about painting the pumpkins.”

The Fall Festival was overall a good time with its fun activities, painting and food. Students got much more than just a ceramic pumpkin. They got the chance to talk to others students they may not have spoken to without the Festival. Students also got to relax and have fun at school on campus. 

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The Broward College Fall Festival / Photo by Kaela Perkins from The Observer

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