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As students sign up for classes this fall, they may have noticed more face-to-face options for certain classes that meet on campus during scheduled class times. Broward College, commonly referred to as BC, is taking precautions to move into Phase 3 of its COVID-19 Action Plan. In Phase 3 the goal is to “resume face-to- face operations while continuing some of the newly established guidelines as required,” according to BC’s COVID-19 Response Plan and Guidelines document available on the school’s website.

As we transition back to campuses this fall, BC and Student Life will be following CDC guidelines including use of properly worn facial coverings across campus and indoors when social distancing cannot be upheld. “I’m a little nervous to be back on a campus. I want to make sure I follow all the rules and take all the precautions,” says BC student Adam Caraballo, who is taking Intro to Speech Communication this fall at South Campus. Broward College will be offering a federally funded vaccination incentive program for any students or employees that have yet to be vaccinated as well as on campus vaccination and testing centers. “The testing and vaccination sites will be available at each main campus and the Willis Holcombe Center on a rotating schedule,” according to a recent college wide email. The email goes on to explain when and where it is appropriate to wear your mask. Wearing a face covering over both your nose and mouth is strongly recommended while indoors, regardless of vaccine status.

Students may notice several changes when coming back to campus including some new construction on two campuses in particular. At North Campus, the Testing Center will find its new temporary home in the old Student Life club room and Student Life will be relocated just down the hall from its usual location.

“In Building 19, Student Life was moved to the old financial aid office,” said Carlos Parra, District Director for Student Engagement and Student Life. He continues, “the college is going to be demolishing Buildings 1 and 2, which are the original buildings of the college… so the campus administration is going to be moving into where Student Life was previously in Building 19.”

Student Life held a Student Town Hall Friday August 13 to address any concerns for the return back to campus this fall with a short Q&A at the end. There will also be a Welcome Back Bash, Wednesday, Aug. 25 from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m., where Student Life can engage with students in a safe environment. Students and faculty can also expect separate open houses towards the end of August to meet the Student Life staff, learn more about clubs, work study programs, part-time positions as well as available scholarship positions.

“We’re trying to meet students where they’re at. We’ve invested in the technology to be able to stream once we’re back. We’re excited to test it out and get going,” Parra said. For those who will not be returning to campus this fall, Student Life will still be streaming many events as a way to stay connected. BC has made many observations that students can be successful remotely and wants to encourage involvement from students no matter where they may be.

“We are being given permission to do outdoor events, with the stipulation that masks and hand sanitizer be provided at all outdoor events,” said Lauren Adamo, Central Campus Director for Student Life.

The college will be keeping an eye out on recent COVID-19 positive numbers in the area to determine throughout the fall semester whether or not it will be safe to remain in Phase 3 or to return to Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Response Plan and Guidelines. Make sure to stay up to date with the college’s plans through the BC website.

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