International internships being held virtually

Kayla Gayle

Staff Writer

International internships have been suspended due to the halt in travel-related activities set by the college provost with the advice of the legal counsel team. However, students have the option to apply to remote internships offered by CRCC Asia and its sister company Virtual Internships. 

For the past two years, the company has hosted one, two, or three-month-long virtual internships. There are two focus tracks available for participants: International and Career Field. 

Through the International Focus Track, students are able to intern with companies based in China, India, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom and Vietnam. This option allows students to focus on “building networks and experience in a specific country.” 

The Career Focus Track leads students to select one of the 18 available career fields: Business, Engineering, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Marketing, Media & Communications, etc. This track provides participants to focus on their career goals while gaining global experiences. 

“We do recommend to our students that they do it by career field because it’s a little bit more specific; however, it is up to them to choose which one they want to do. If they just want to do it specifically by the country, they can also do that,” Violeta Rivera, the Study Abroad and Global Engagement Program Coordinator, said.

The virtual internship includes project-based work, Intern Global Community, a 360° professional development support, access to language courses and CRCC Asia’s custom-developed internship curriculum CareerBridge. 

For more information, students should visit or contact the program directly at 

Photo Courtesy of Google Images
Photo Courtesy of Google Images

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