Driver’s License new hit single breaks the internet

Sarah Leyva

Features Editor

Olivia Rodrigo broke the internet with her first hit single “Driver’s License” becoming the most streamed song on Spotify in a week. 

The 18-year-old began her rise to fame after her single debut and it gained great love from the fans overnight putting her at the top of Billboards top 100 for over eight weeks. 

Rodrigo started her way into Hollywood starting in the acting field in Disney Channel in a couple shows then landing herself a lead role in, “High-School Musical the Series” she sang her own solo in the series, “All I Want”, which opened up doors for her in the musical world as well.

Interview magazine interviewed the young artist asking her what she felt as her fast fame is happening and how she thinks she can improve and this was her response, “ I feel like I’m constantly growing. I’ll be a developing artist until I’m 85. I think the best songwriters are like that. I always listen to my songs and try to think of ways I can strengthen them. But yeah, I just turned 18. I truly don’t really know who I totally am yet. I don’t know the way I like to dress. I don’t know the way I like to act around certain people. I don’t know what my purpose is. I don’t know what people are my true friends. I’m just going to keep on making music and I’m probably going to be really confused along the way, and I think that’s the beauty of it. I’m trying not to pretend like I have everything figured out because I sure as hell don’t.”

Many were curious as to why this song gained so much traction so quick and it has been speculated to be about her ex-boyfriend, Joshua Bassett, who was also her co-star on the show on Disney Channel, who is now dating someone else. Shortly after Drivers License came out Bassett released his song which people believe to be his response to Driver’s License, “Lie Lie Lie”. 

Then right after his now girlfriend, Sabrina Carpenter released what fans believe to be her response to the song, “Skin”. Referencing lyrics of Rodrigo’s song, making fans speculate there is Drama. Although all three of the people involved in the controversy have made it clear that none of them have any drama with one another, the fans still stick to their theories.

She has now since released another single, “Déjà vu”, which has had 28 million streams in a little over week, which means she won’t be a one hit wonder and has already gained a big fanbase already.   

The artist also announced that her first album will be coming out on May 21st, “SOUR” which will be featuring her singles “Driver’s License” and “Déjà vu” along with nine other new songs. So, if you loved Drivers License make sure to listen to her new album coming soon.

Photo Courtesy of VEVO

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