The World’s a Little Blurry documentary

Sarah Leyva

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Apple TV+ just released, “ The World’s a Little Blurry,” a documentary based on the 6-time Grammy winner Billie Eilish. The documentary gives an insider look at the life of the 19-year-old singer and what she goes through on a day-to-day basis. 

The documentary starts in the beginning of her rise to fame and the release of her first hit single “Ocean Eyes.” It goes back all the way to her childhood showing how her parents had her involved with music at a young age along with her brother, leading them, to start writing songs in his bedroom. 

At 15-years-old, her rise to stardom began and the documentary really went in depth to show Billie and her relationship with her family.  It really shows the relationship she has with her family especially her brother, Finneas, who has guided her every step of the way. 

What is very interesting about the duo is how he is her songwriter and has helped her to win six Grammys and write the song for the upcoming James Bond movie. Throughout the documentary, you see them have this connection that you can tell has become so close after all the time they have spent writing music together it has become a very special bond.

The amount of fans Billie has is incredible seeing how many people cry at just the sight of her and seeing how genuine she is to say she does this all for them and making sure they are okay at her concerts. 

Despite her unconditional love from her fans, Billie really opens up at what goes on after these concerts and what she deals with behind closed doors. She gives more details of why some of her songs have a sadder tone to it to show teenagers they are not alone and doesn’t hide the fact that she faces those real issues of depression and anxiety like many other teenagers her age. 

Getting a closer look at Billie’s day to day life, the documentary also touched on Billie’s relationship that she never went public about. It showed the good parts as well as the bad parts of him not being there for her when she needed him and then the breakup that was in the film as well. 

The bad parts of her life are featured where the hate comments she got when she was having an off day after being put in an uncomfortable meet and greet and also showing the struggle she has to be performing on tour almost every single day. It also shows how hard it is to have Tourette’s as well and managing that when she gets her tics in the middle of a performance or filming a music video and how frustrating it can be.

 If you haven’t seen her documentary, I definitely recommend you watching it to get to know Billie a little better and enjoy some of her performances in the movie as well.

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