The Main Effect: Makeup that makes people feel good

Evana Brenelus  

Staff Writer

Sharmain Jean, 19, is the owner of The Main Effect and TME Skincare. Her business is located in Broward County, but she travels to West Palm Beach and Miami. As a makeup artist, she provides beauty enhancements and soon will be providing skin care products. Her services are open to everyone. Her skin care products will first be shipped nationally and eventually expand internationally. 

“I have been doing makeup since I was 14,” she said. She set up her Instagram page in Dec 2020. She has always loved makeup and took the time to learn how to work on other people’s faces. “I like making people feel good about themselves, it makes me feel better about myself,” she said. She likes seeing her clients happy and feeling beautiful. 

Besides being a really sweet person, she finds her passion and drive to be very unique. She also always receives compliments from her clients about making them feel comfortable. She loves that she is good at making people feel good, being hospitable and being able to hold good conversations. 

Client, Jennifer Alfonso texted, “Makeup lasted all day. Thank you,” with a smiley face to Jean, who did her makeup around Christmas time. 

Jean’s favorite makeup look to work on is soft glams, which are her most booked. “I like enhancing people’s natural features,” she said. She also enjoyed traveling to California where she was able to meet a lot of people and network, she gained new followers and clients. Having her first shop is also something she will never forget.

When COVID-19 first began, Jean’s business was impacted. 

“When it was first starting, I didn’t have any clients for a while, but overtime it actually ended up boosting clientele.” 

She got more clients during the virus and was always completely booked. She faced other obstacles while building her business as well. 

“Definitely confidence and learning not to compare,” she said. She learned to grow confident in her own craft and in what she could bring to the table. 

She is currently working on a skin care line and hopes to become more consistent in what she does this year. She wants other entrepreneurs to believe in themselves. 

“Definitely believe in yourself, know what you bring to the table, never doubt yourself and just be confident,” she said. Her advice is for people to not stop themselves from growing and getting bigger. 

You can view her work on her Instagram page @themaineffect, that is also where you can find all of her links. You may also contact her through her business number 954-372-5068. 

Photo Courtesy of Sharmain Jean

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