Spring Break (2020) vs Spring Break (2021)

Evana Brenelus  

Staff Writer

My 2020 spring break was very different than my 2021 spring break. Spring break had begun on March 1, 2020 and I had no idea that in a few days, my world was going to change.

 A year ago, I could step outside without a mask on and stand pretty close to people. Six feet? Only heard about it in math class. Places like restaurants and parks were crowded per usual. People seemed happy to be spending time with their friends and family. I remember taking an Uber up to my old high school to hang out with some friends. We went out to eat and there were people occupying every table. After that, I went to a softball game. The spectators were sitting closely on the bleachers during the game and cheering on the teams. At the time, I knew corona existed, but it was not directly affecting me yet, so I did not really think much of it. 

I returned to school a week later and on March 13 and was told school would become remote due to COVID-19. I did not think that would have been the last time I stepped foot on campus for class. I am still in high school, so I knew I would not really get to experience my senior year the way I wanted.

This year, spring break also began on March 1. I could not leave my house without grabbing a few face masks. I did not get the chance to hang out with my friends even though I wanted to. I spent most of spring break doing online work and checking my syllabi to make sure I was caught up on all assignments. The most exciting thing I did was get my nails done and try a new hairstyle. I know there are tons of activities I could have done, but unlike last year, it would have been risky because of possible COVID-19 exposure. 

My spring break experiences probably differ from that of others, but I hope everyone stayed safe because safety always comes first. Who knows what next year’s spring break will be like? Maybe the country will be in a better place, pandemic wise, maybe not. 

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