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Sarah Leyva

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In our last edition Kayla Rodriguez gave us an insight of some great shows and movies to watch during quarantine, so I’m going to add to that list and give some more suggestions to watch during this pandemic.

Parks and Rec: In today’s media all we see right now is politics everywhere so what better way to watch than a government-based show. Leslie Knope is the protagonist in this sitcom who works for the parks department along with her team, giving us viewers an inside mockumentary like view of what it’s like to work for the parks department. This show is very similar to The Office, so if you enjoyed The Office this will definitely be you’re new bingeworthy show.

You: If you are looking for a suspenseful, keep you at the edge of your seat after every episode, type show this will definitely be your next top watch. Joe Goldberg plays a creepy romantic who falls in love with a girl by following her, and somehow always being at the right place at the right time. Joe starts to get caught in some of his sneaky habits and barely gets by with his lies. I don’t want to spoil too much, so make sure to watch to get caught in Joe’s twists and turns.

The Good Place: I literally finished this show in a week and a half because it was just too good not to finish. It is based on Eleanor Shellstrop, who passes away and goes to the good place, also known as heaven. When getting to the good place she sees how everything is so perfect and she meets the architect who designed it all, but she begins to see terror strike after she arrives. That is when Eleanor realizes she was there by mistake and was supposed to be in the bad place along with her four friends who she meets in her time in the good place. Later on, Eleanor realizes why she wasn’t in the good place because of the way she was on Earth and how she treated people, so she sets on that journey with her friends to become better people to redeem themselves and to be placed in the good place on purpose this time.

Maniac: If you loved Black Mirror this will definitely be your next favorite. This show is based on two strangers, Annie and Owen, who both have their own problems, such as Owen having schizophrenia and Annie having a broken relationship with her mother and sister. They are both introduced in a pharmaceutical experiment they both volunteered to take part in, after being promised all of their problems would be solved with no side effects. That is when things take a turn of events in the experiment, but I’ll let you watch to figure out what happens next.

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl: I’m starting off with this movie because it is my all-time favorite after having seen it five times I still grasp something different every time watching it. It is based on Greg who is a senior in high school who just wants to make movies with his best friend Earl, or as he calls him his coworker. Greg’s ultimate goal was to lay low and be unnoticed and not develop any deep relationships. That is until his mom insists that he hangs out with Rachel, a classmate who was just diagnosed with Leukemia, and after meeting Rachel his view on friendship changed.

Truman Show: This one is definitely an oldie but a classic starring nonetheless, Jim Carrey. This movie really predicted the future of what would come to be in today’s day and age, reality TV. This movie was so intriguing because of the concept of having a 24-hour broadcast on someone’s life since their birth, who was Jim Carrey’s character, Truman Burbank. This show had viewers worldwide with everyone watching him except Truman not knowing he was being watched by hidden cameras placed everywhere. The director of this show, Cristof, controlled every little aspect of Truman’s life including his love interest, who his best friends were and replacing people to make the show more interesting without Truman knowing any of it, until Truman began to see how something was off and he began his journey of finding out the truth.

Anchorman 2: If you’re looking for a good laugh to get you through these first months of school this will definitely have you laughing the whole time. This movie has also been a great exception to the sequels never being better than the original. It is based on a news-man, Ron Burgundy, in the 1970’s being a part of the first ever 24-hour news network along with his team and fighting with other networks to make sure he gets the top ratings.

Knives Out: This movie was one I was definitely not expecting to like that much, but it really was full of suspense and it kept me at the edge of my seat the whole way through. It falls under the category of the classic murder mystery filled with plot twists, lies and a family fighting over their dead grandfather’s will. The family then gets interviewed by a well-known detective who comes in to answer the mystery of discovering, who done it?

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