How is Broward College planning on celebrating the Class of 2020?

Arianna Allen

Online and Podcast Editor

In the uncertainty of the global pandemic of COVID-19, one thing is certain–Broward College will be celebrating the Class of 2020 by holding a virtual commencement ceremony on June 6, 2020, at 1 p.m.

While talking with Carlos Parra, the Director of Student Affairs, he emphasized the idea of making the commencement ceremony a unique experience that is memorable for the student.

A virtual commencement ceremony is a new avenue to honor the graduates. However, the college is prepared as they are attempting to make the “virtual commencement ceremony as close as possible to the in-person (experience),” according to Parra.

He went on to share the College is working in great efforts to make this ceremony personalized to each student. Parra is hoping that the viewers will feel the passion, effort, and time that Broward College took to honor the graduates and their accomplishments.

While discussing the upcoming graduation plans with the soon to be Broward graduate, Elliot Tritto, he stated that he “appreciates what BC is doing (in regard to graduation) to try and make up for what is going on.”

Tritto, who will be transferring to the University of Florida to major in Journalism, reflected on his achievement of graduating with his Associates of Arts degree by stating that it has been a “great momentous moment in my life”.

The college has studied the way in which other schools have navigated through the process of a virtual ceremony. Parra went on to say that “there is no set model” when it comes to a virtual ceremony. The marketing team is making strides in the right direction to collaborate and mold their creative ideas to make this experience as memorable as possible through a virtual format.

Broward College, like any other college, is coming together as one to navigate through these unprecedented times to make the Class of 2020 feel celebrated through their accomplishment of graduating this year.

Students will be able to go to where there will be a live link to access the virtual graduation ceremony.

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