Tennis Team Continues Its Dominance

Curtis Michaud

Staff Writer

As the Broward College Women’s Tennis Team 2020 season is already underway, Head Coach Marlena Hall is looking forward to the progress these highly motivated and skilled women can produce.

Another season where Coach Hall hopes with exceptional communication on the court and preparing mentally each day will make another run to Nationals.

Hall who has a State and National Championship on her resume with Broward College feels as if this year team has a sizeable chance of returning to the promised land.

“Staying healthy is really important as well as strengthening our minds in a tight situation and preserving from the pains and aches. If we do that we could come out and be a strong team”, said Hall.

However, this year is quite different for Hall.

With two returning sophomores who were on the Nationals team last year in Giulia Leali and Bar Shimoni, expect these two players to have crucial leadership roles as the season wanes. Integrating five newly incoming Freshman’s to the team; these players who are individually talented had to each find their chemistry with one another on the court.

“Teamwork is very important for our team this year. We have to make sure that each players energy and effort is infectious for everybody around us”, said Hall

With as much diversity among the players who are originally from different parts of the globe such as South America and Europe; this team seems to believe that they can bring all their unique background and style together for a successful season

Lady Seahawks currently reside first in Region 8 of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) with an undefeated record.

In their first home matchup of the season against Hillsborough Community College, Seahawks took home the victory with a score of 6-3.

“As a team, I felt we did our best out there especially in the doubles where all eight players were impressive”, said Hall.

When in a doubles session communication and decision making can be the two decisive factors from a pair of players in winning a match.

“We would like to carry our performance and execution from our doubles matches to our singles”, said Hall.

During the doubles matchup Columbia born and Freshman Nicole Torres with her partner Sophomore Giulia Leali seemed they both were in synced out there on the court as they roll pass Hillsborough.

“As a coaching staff, we try to find players with chemistry in their personality and in their play on the court because every player has their own style”, Hall mentioned.

The team seemed to be elated as they saw their hard work and conditioning they participated in the previous fall has come to fruition.

In the following on the road matchup against State College of Florida, Broward seemed to be in cruise control throughout the day winning 7-2.

Collectively these players had the confidence and motivation to come out on top especially during the single matchup.

“Singles, you’re battling along, figuring things out because it’s a game of chess out there”, said Hall.

Hall appreciates and acknowledges the important role her coaching staff helping and challenging the players throughout the matches especially Assistant Coach Dustin Forman.

“Our coaches do very well coaching and motivating them on the sidelines but they are the ones to see what’s working and make the necessary adjustments”, Hall mentioned.

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