BC Seahawks take down ASA Miami

Curtis Michaud

Staff Writer

“We just brought it today. Our energy was on point from start to finish,” said Sophomore starting Point Guard Darien Jenkins.

Broward College men’s basketball comes up with a pivotal home victory in a cross-county battle against ASA Miami 94-85.

Sitting in 2nd place in the region with 3rd place Miami Dade behind them, the Seahawks knew that their room for error was slim if they want to compete in the playoffs.

“We are in 2nd place. We know that every game counts and we have to go undefeated if we want to achieve our goal,, said Freshman Forward Josmel Martinez.

With missing a few players because of injury like Sophomore Guard Andre Anderson, that didn’t alter the Seahawks belief that they couldn’t pull off the victory.

Leading the nation in field goal percentage with 55.7 percent, Seahawks unveiled high quality and efficient shot attempts from their suffocating defense forcing ASA Miami offense to turn the ball over numerous times.

Leading scorer Darren Jenkins with 21 points with an additional 6 assists, displayed both playmaking for his teammates and his scoring ability.

“We just took what the defense gave us,” said Jenkins.

Coached by second season Head Coach Anthony Anderson, Seahawks’ high tempo fast-break offense seemed to be too much for ASA Miami full-court press defense to control in the beginning of the game.

Seahawks began the game with a 12-2 run with precise ball movement and had ASA Miami Head Coach Jean Dubuisson calling timeout trying to stop the offensive assault from the Seahawks.

“I felt we came out fast and ready to play from the beginning and just didn’t look back,” said Martinez.

High momentum plays from Guard Landon Kirkwood who finished with 16 points and 6 rebounds helped boost the Seahawks lead to as much as 20 points in the first half.

Closing the first half with an 18-point lead 48-30, BC went into the locker room feeling thrilled to execute their game plan. However, they knew ASA Miami was a formidable opponent and they weren’t going away.

“Halftime Coach told us that they were going to fight back and we must not let our guard down,” said Jenkins.

ASA Miami’s pride and will power seemed to come out in the second half trapping BC guards with their full-court press defense turning turnover into easy buckets on the other end of the court.

As the 18-point deficit seemed to slowly but surely decrease by the possession, ASA Miami narrowed the game as close as six points in the middle of the second half of a score 69-63.

“They were giving us their best shot somehow we took it and were able to get the victory,” said Martinez.

Down the stretch, bench play became monumental for the Seahawks victory. Timely buckets from Freshman Guard Rodney Lewis Jr. with 18 points off the bench sparked the Seahawks’ second-half surge.

Also, poised three-point makes by Jenkins put the final dagger in the hearts of ASA Miami comeback putting the game out of reach.

As the game was winding down, three BC players happened to foul out of the game combining with the inactive players, the men’s basketball team were forced to continue the game with just 4 players.

All of a sudden, a special moment transpired during the game that will forever be remembered by the players and fans in attendance.

Chanting in unison, fans and teammates of Sophomore Forward DeAndre Pinckney, who was sidelined as he waits for an upcoming surgery, were roaring his name throughout the arena.

So much so forcing Coach Anderson to give this sincere glance to the team medical physician asking her was it possible for Pinckney to play.

The medical physician gave the ok and the arena exploded with cheers as Pinckney ran into the locker room to change into his uniform.

Pinckney came out of the locker room and showed incredible amounts of energy as if he didn’t want to waste the opportunity of playing his final moments at Broward College this season.

“I’ve never seen that happen before. Thank god he came when we needed him the most with rebounds and free throws,” said Martinez.

To see more of Broward College men’s basketball games, go to broward.edu to view the upcoming home games.


#4 Landon Kirkwood dunking     /     Luis Castillo/The Observer

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