Donuts with the Dean on Central Campus

Elliot Tritto

Central Bureau Chief 

At one point in our lives, we will either follow or become a leader. Whether that title stands as a manager, boss, general or head chef, we see leaders everywhere.

Often, leadership endures some of life’s most significant challenges and strengths, yet only a few can master this art. These challenges include communication, meeting deadlines, and interacting with teammates. Nevertheless, particular strengths include honesty, a positive attitude and an open mind.

Recently, Student Life at Broward College Central Campus hosted a casual, yet sophisticated event for students and staff to meet the Central Campus Dean, James Evans.

The event took place in the Breezeway in front of the Student Life hall in Building 19.

Once the event commenced, I had a small chat with Student Life Coordinator,  Jasmine Mosely.

She said,. “we’re here to have students personally meet with Dean Evans and voice their concerns or satisfaction of their experiences.”

Mosely formally introduced me to Dean Evans alongside three Broward College faculty members.

Dean Evans presented himself with a friendly, cheek to cheek smile and gave me a warm welcome.

Alongside Donica Young, Central Campus advisor, Vivian Scott, District Director, Student Conduct & Integrity, and Rebecca Jones, Assistant Director of Scholarship and Institutional Aid.

For about half an hour, we shared an integral conversation about the legacy of Broward College.

Dean Evans says, “students are here because we provide a great opportunity to learn and have a smooth transition into a big university. We understand that some students can’t afford the traditional college route, so our job is to assist students with the proper pathways in receiving the education they need.

Later in the conversation, Dean Evans brought up that students who can’t afford proper transportation are allowed to use Lyft at a discounted price to attend classes.

He said, “I remember taking many bus rides to school and it was a struggle. I don’t want our students to feel discouraged, so that’s why we have this partnership now.”

Eventually, I asked if any of the staff members had enrolled in Broward College as a student.

Donica Young raised her hand and provided some personal experiences of her perspective of Broward college during the ’80s.

Her involvement as an alumnus and an advisor gave some insight into the difference between Broward College students in the 80’s and present-day students.

Young says, “in the ‘80s, BC students were more passive and followed the rules while the current students are more vocal and have the attitude of, if I’m not getting it here, I’ll go somewhere else.”

After the delightful and informative discussion, Rebecca Jones and Vivian Scott both gave their perspective on the event and Dean Evans.

Jones said, “He’s a very outgoing and kind person. No one gets to see that since usually serious situations occur in his office.”

Preferring the informal setting, Jones says, “students are free to speak with the dean about the positives and improvements the College can make in the future.”

Vivian Scott added, “Dean Evans is, first and foremost, a student advocate. He works diligently to ensure that students have the tools, resources, and information that they need to be successful. Along those same lines, he will hold students accountable for their behavior toward other members of the Seahawk community, as this helps them to become the best possible version of themselves.”

Overall, Donuts with the Dean stood as a consistent and informative event for students.

Scott ended the event with this thank you.

“I would just like to recognize our Student Life directors for providing this opportunity that allows students to see the dean and other administrators in a more approachable light. It is my hope that students will understand that we are here to provide support, encouragement and information that will help them make it to the finish line!  #ToGraduationandBeyond.”

Dean Evans of Central Campus speaking to the students. / Photo Courtesy of Student Life


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