Star student, athlete and artist: Chloe Mullins

Thandie Brown

Online Editor

It’s one thing to be an artist and an athlete, but to also get a shout-out from the current Director of Student Affairs, Carlos Parra, is an accomplishment that layers a win-win-win situation.

Chloe Mullins of Dublin, Ireland has been playing women’s basketball with Broward College for 1 year.

Even with this experience, the 21-year-old has been an athlete for quite a long time, but an artist for as long as she could remember. Featured for her mural on Central Campus, Mullins leaves her mark on BC.

No stranger to fame, she has had her time in the limelight previously known for a sketch dedicated to former royals, Prince Harry and Duchess of Sussex, Megan Markle in 2018.

As a fresh high school graduate at the time, Mullins said, “it was surreal being recognized by the media.”

As a former Hawaiian student, she previously played basketball for her pacific region. But this artist-designed a piece that reflected her two mediums – art and athleticism.

Mullins says, “art can be a nice escape from everything [else].” In between classes and workouts, she’ll find time to create new works.

Former Coach Brian McCormick saw the work she had done in the past on Instagram and suggested the notion of her doing one for BC to his administrators.

McCormick describes her athleticism as, “hardworking, crafty, smart and dedicated.”

She had the support to create and complete her mural in Central’s Gym. It came from her coach, her teammates, family and other administration.

She also says, “My Mom and Grandma were constantly asking for progress pictures.”

Using spray paint and wall paint to create vivid details within the piece, you’ll see the acrylic wall paint as the body of Sammy, the school’s mascot, and the spray paint as the medium to detail the feathers.

She started it on Saturday night after a men’s basketball game, then finished the day after.

It’s Mullins’ third mural for a gym, but her first for BC.

Just as she signed her name on the bottom right corner of her first mural, Seahawks should expect to see her name signed across BC’s three campuses as she’s planning to do more murals for the other campuses by the end of March, she said.

With the spirit of Broward’s dedication gleaned into the sharpness of the Seahawk’s eyes, the mural reflects the hard work that Mullins put into it and the trust BC put into her.

Mullin’s mural in Central Campus’ gym. Her name is signed on the bottom right of the wall./Photo Courtesy of Broward College Athletics Dept.

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