BC’s 2019-2020 men’s basketball mid-season update

Noel Cabrera

Sports Editor

“I think we’re right where we need to be. Our intensity, our attention to detail is getting much better. This is just a special group,” said Men’s Basketball Coach Anthony Anderson.

The Broward College Seahawks stand at 8-4 on the record midway through the season as they head into conference play these upcoming weeks in January.

Expectations have been met so far, especially from Anderson. At this rate, they are expected to come out victorious in conference play, which would then land them a spot in the state tournament, to then eventually end in the National tournament come March.

The team has been building highly more off the ups and rarely having occurrences with the downs. Basically trying to stay healthy is the biggest factor in a long season. This group of men has been banged up with injuries throughout the season, but the good thing about it is that they are a resilient group who play multiple positions. Everyone has been stepping up at the right moment.

There have been no surprises so far this year, it’s come down to the guys being able to do their job and maintain. The leaders of the team have led, such as sophomore forward Deandre Pickney and guard Landon Kirkwood.

Pickney is the highest-rated recruit on the team with 41 schools looking at him from big-name conferences such as the ACC, Big Ten, SEC, and Big 12.

Division one coaches are coming every day to practice to watch him. He’s averaging 20.3 points per game along with 9.3 rebounds, just .7 of a rebound away from averaging a double-double. Pickney is a 6’8 power forward who can do damage on both ends of the floor.

Kirkwood is a jump out of the gym type of player who can put on a show at any moment, averaging the second-highest ppg at 12.4 right in front of sophomore guard Darien Jenkins at 12.1 ppg, who is another sneaky player who has more than enough potential of going off to play Division one basketball.

It truly doesn’t end with them. The group of sophomores this year is something special. Anderson has six legitimate future Division one players on his team this season. Also, the freshmen seem to be adapting really well and it’s showing in the box score.

With all that talent on one team, Anderson has high expectations to finish the season. The players seem to have the same attitude which is calling for a recipe for success.

Both sophomore guards Andrew Drugan and Trevon White have very high expectations about the fact that they have to finish the season and the hard work they are putting in every day.

To continue on with that mentality, the Seahawks have to continue to win this last portion of their season that consists of solemnly conference play which will dictate their chance of making it to states and then on to nationals.

The season has been in favor of the Seahawks as they sit above .500 in winning. They’ve played some pretty tough competition, but still have managed to come out victorious.


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