Revisiting this past season for Broward College Sports

Noel Cabrera

Staff Writer


As this fall semester comes to an end, we take a look back at the resilient season the Seahawks athletics had.

When you take everything comprehensively women’s soccer did pretty good given that a new coach came in at a difficult time right at the beginning of the season. The change in leadership definitely played a role in the season.

Unfortunately, a bad run of injuries also put a plague on the girls this season. Specifically at goalkeeper, and losing that can cause the biggest downfall for a team.

With all those problems mounting, there was still progression seen on and off the field as the season went along. As team chemistry seemed to be built surprisingly quick.

They are a young team, consisting mainly of freshmen, most of the girls will be back next year. Some players to keep an eye outfor next season are forwards Morgan Newman and Lucianna Scoppetta who made huge impacts this year.

The Lady Seahawks lost in the semi-finals of conference play against Eastern Florida State College, who happen to consist of mainly two-year players, but making it that far was no question proving a lot of doubters wrong.

Looking forward to next season with a full year under their belt with the coaching the staff and young players, things should look to only go up from here for the Women’s Soccer team.

BC women’s soccer game; Seahawks vs Titans. Jovan Subrath/ The Observer

Men’s soccer had a consistent run from the start of the year all the way through to the end making it to the Conference Championship game, but unfortunately losing to EFS as well 4-2.

Finishing the season in second place in the conference being just a win away from first can go to show how much hard work the men put into this season.

“I watched them play multiple different times, definitely an attacking team and very fun to watch,” said Athletic Director Mike Goodrich.

They have a handful of players that stood out this past season that will look to play at a higher level in the near future such as sophomore goalkeeper Michal Gorszczaryk and sophomore forward Igor Teles Martins who led the team in goals scored. “I think he would be the best player on any team,” Goodrich said referring to Martins.

The women’s volleyball team finished with a winning record at 11-10 standing third in their conference. The Lady Seahawks got right to a hot start winning nine straight games, beating multiple nationally ranked teams.

“We started to play some bigger schools in the state, which was good, because traditionally BC’s program has not been able to play just because of lack of words the respect level,” said Assistant Coach Ryan Givens.

They brought back six starters coming into this season, ultimately towards the end of the year playing with mostly freshmen. The team faced a lot of adversity such as injuries and adjustments but they didn’t let that stop them from finishing off strong.

Gabriella Bouterse was a transfer from Miami Dade College that definitely stood out. Knowing what she was capable of, because they saw her from the other side of the net last year made a big impact. Freshmen Gabby Justamente, Setter, stood out a whole lot. She was not someone coming into this season that the coaching staff believed would become a captain or starter, and middle of the year that’s what she became, being able to get the job done and giving her team the chance to win.

At the position libero was Bruna Torres from Brazil who was another player that stood out. “She was the heartbeat on the court, so for the position libero she’s basically back mainly covering everything and she did her job, she gave us a chance to win,” said Coach Givens.

The plan is to have six returning players, three of which are starters. “A lot of the schools we played are starting to understand Broward College volleyball is not what it used to be, so we’re eager to get back out there,” said Coach Givens.

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