BC’s men’s soccer team survive and advance

Curtis Michaud
Staff writer


On Wednesday Oct. 30, the Broward College Seahawks Men’s Soccer team held on to a victory in their semifinal matchup against Daytona State Falcons.

This comes after a victory from their counterparts, the Women’s Soccer team earlier this week.

Before the game, players were all riled jumping with enthusiasm as they couldn’t wait until the game to start and showcase their game plan that they practiced all week.

Seahawks had an accelerated start to the game as they were pushing the defense of Falcons to their breaking point exerting major effort on controlling the ball.

That effort didn’t come to waste as the Seahawks strike with the quick goal by sophomore Mid-Fielder Sergio Medina.

The first 20 minutes couldn’t have gotten any better for the Seahawks blitzing the Falcons with two goals at the start.

Falcons were caught by surprised by the lapse in their defense they displayed in that short instance.

The stands erupted with cheers as it seems the Seahawks have captured the momentum and control of the game.

Medina and his teammates quickly celebrated but they knew the match has just begun and getting back to the task at hand was their main focused.

Minutes later, the Seahawks capitalized on their newly found momentum with another strike on goal by sophomore Forward Igor Teles Martins.

Martins took advantage of a lead pass by his fellow teammate and scampered past two Falcons defenders while striking a shot on goal to get past the goalkeeper.


Sophomore and Team Captain Goalkeeper Michal Gorszczaryk was thrilled with the kick-start of the game.

“We were very aggressive in the beginning and we thought we could win this game fairly easy,” Gorszczaryk said.

It seemed as if the Seahawks had total control of this game up 2-0 against the Falcons. However, the game lasts 90 minutes and it isn’t over until the last whistle is blown which is something the Falcons Head Coach seemed to drill into the minds of his players.

The Falcons began to fight back and apply major pressure to the Seahawks defense and controlling the ball for the remainder of the first half.

This resulted in the Falcons deciding to fire back with an enormous and crucial goal minutes before half to make the score 2-1.

Seahawks Head Coach Munga Eketebi was very much displeased with his team giving a pivotal score in the winding minutes of the first half.

“We should have capitalized on the two-goal lead and put the game away in the first half but we let them back in the game,” said Munga.

By giving a late first half goal, Seahawks coaches drilled into the team that the match isn’t over and to keep competing

“We had to stay focus and not play down to the level of our competition and play with up to put potential,”Gorszczaryk mentioned.

The second half began as both teams came on the field looking to make a statement by putting their footprint onto the game.

Both teams in the second half were playing physical and with great enthusiasm for one another as they didn’t want their season come to an end.

As both players from both teams was catching cramps and injuries, the Falcons seemed to be pushing the pace of play a little more almost capitalizing with goals but was quickly stopped Gorszczaryk as he had a great second half of play.

Seahawks defense manufactured crucial stops holding up against the Falcons offensive play looking for an equalizer.

As the game was coming to an end and the possibility of the Falcons victory was implausible, Falcons pushed the tempo more and captured numerous corner kicks opportunities looking for that game changing goal.

However, Gorszczaryk put together a save as he dove for the ball ending the game in dramatic fashion with a Seahawks victory.

“I saw it in the net myself but he saved the game for us so now I have to buy him dinner tonight,” Munga said.



Photos courtesy of Jovan Subrath/The Observer.

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