Get fit in between classes with intramural sports

Thandie Brown

South Bureau Chief


The semester is in full gear so make sure your body is in better condition with Broward College’s intramural sports and wellness.

As a student, this is an argument of where to find the time? What workouts to participate in? What level of intensity or even what personal goal is associated with fitness?

As a College that distributes itself throughout the three campuses with many smaller centers, transportation may be a factor in the choices made toward health and wellness. With understanding, BC has reintroduced its Intramural Sports and Wellness Campaign to bring fitness to the students.

With sports as broad as Zumba, Yoga and Cardio Kickboxing to more familiar ones like basketball, volleyball and soccer, the calendar is full for students, faculty and staff to use to their full advantage.

Each Student Life office decides which activities are on the campus. Other factors like the department’s resources, event history turnout and allocated space also influence the various activities that students can engage in.

For example, Central Campus’ gym is used for the Seahawks Basketball team practice, so on Tuesdays for Hip-Hop Cardio, you’ll see students engaged in the field space next to building 9, instead.

Traditional activities are still available like basketball, volleyball or soccer, but Tiffany Erving, Student Life Coordinator, says, “where South Campus [students do] have access to their gym, [Student Life] gets creative for other spaces.” Activities like yoga and group workouts are featured at Student Life in Building 68.

Intramural sports have different turnouts for different events, so the more people who attend means the more students can expect to see that event stick around – depending on the season.

Because space is a factor for all events, sessions may overlap depending on the hour. This mixes up the choice and calls for the personalization of an individual workout. For example, at South on Wednesdays, start with warm-ups in the gym with basketball – spend time with some classmates and get the adrenaline pumping – then, head over to the Breezeway and finish off the hour with a session from Stassie Foster with Tailored Fitness.


Intramural flier for Broward College South Campus. Courtesy of Student Life.


As stated earlier, each Campus has its schedule as seen in the article’s photos.

Reintroduced after 2017, intramural activities have expanded and seem to add another option to the roster with each new semester. Not foregoing any current options like circuit training in the gym or the basics of walking around the pond, the highlight is the access to these other forms of wellness.

Marketing for each campus’ featured forms of fitness can be found online through social media or seen with fliers and partnered events like Snack Attack on Mondays at South Campus. To inquire more about the Intramural events, visit Student Life.

The option to spice up an active lifestyle or even kickstart one with one of these activities is a bonus. The events are already paid for by attending students from their Student Activity Fees. Take advantage of participating in League events for basketball, like South did Oct. 15 or intentionally seek Meditation and Mindfulness on Central Nov. 19.

Get what you have paid for but also consider session schedules, work schedules and homework schedules as adding in fitness may seem like an impossible task.

Erving says, “Make time for what is important to you.” These activities are supposed to enhance the educational experience, not hinder it nor distract from it.

Zumba instructor, Stassie Foster incorporates Caribbean Dance Fitness into each workout for a full-body experience. Yoga instructor  Alexis Robinson says in her sessions that yoga rebalances the mind and makes you aware of what the body needs.

These sessions last for 1-2 hours or may have many sessions in one day. Choosing to participate in an active lifestyle means being mindful of a shift in clothing styles or even hairstyles. It means learning how the body reacts to rigorous exercise and starting a process that shifts the body’s state of balance.

It also means prioritizing hydration and checking out which form of fitness is best for the goal you have in mind.

Graduation is around the corner, midterms just passed, and finals are but a few weeks away. The angst, stress and order that comes with retaining and rocking the Fall semester is a tricky road to follow, but hopefully by incorporating health and wellness Seahawks will see success.

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