The way I makeup: Volume Six

Michelle Castano



I finally caved in. I bit the bullet with BoxyCharm. BoxyCharm is a beauty subscription based company headquartered right here in sunny South Florida. For the monthly subscription price of $21, Charmers, (as BoxyCharm calls their subscribers and fans) receive a customized selection of skincare, makeup and goodies.

My cousin, Francesca has been a loyal Charmer for about a year and prior to August (when I caved in), had been nagging and questioning me on why I hadn’t jumped into the bandwagon. “Why are you still paying for a $20 lipstick at Sephora, when you can get a lipstick and so much more with BoxyCharm,” she said.

What sets Boxycharm apart from its competitors such as Ipsy, BirchBox and the Allure Beauty Box is that BoxyCharm mails its customers FULL SIZED beauty products. Its aforementioned competitors mostly only send out “deluxe samples” and maybe if one is lucky, a full-sized item.

So how does BoxyCharm work? Please see the below step-by-step instructions:

The brands featured within the monthly boxes are well-known brands including Becca Cosmetics, Tatcha, Laura Geller, Tarte, Living Proof, Cover FX, Ofra Cosmetics and more.

BoxyCharm caters to its customers beauty preferences and asks them to take a quiz based on their beauty needs and wants in order to better cater to their partiality. Me, being tired of my neutral toned eyeshadow palette, selected “bold and colorful” as my eyeshadow preferences. And when asked if I preferred more makeup or skincare, I selected skincare, which I seem to be lacking more of.

I also selected to receive “BoxyLuxe” to which I’d be billed an additional $28.99 (on top of the usual $21) totaling out to $49.99 every March, June September and December.

Skeptically, I asked myself if it was worth it… And once I received my September BoxyLuxe box I couldn’t believe my eyes. Much like the scene in Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction where John Travolta’s character opens a mysterious briefcase and bright light gleams through it, this was reminiscent of what I was spectating with my beauty unboxing.


BoxyCharm beauty subsciption box. Photo courtesy of


I received a Sutra 32mm clipless curling wand, which was the perfect size to upkeep my thick, long wavy hair. Additionally, I received a full face Tarte Play Face palette, a Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick, an IGK hyrdating hair balm, a Dr. Brandt sleeping cream mask, and the Sunday Riley Tidal Enzyme Cream among a few other goodies. This is well over a $200 value, if you were to purchase the mentioned items separately.

Just like when one gets an Amazon package, which is compared to getting a Christmas gift, BoxyCharm sure feels this way also. Not knowing exactly what products that you’ll be receiving is also thrilling. BoxyCharm really keeps you on your toes when it comes to its monthly curated items. Whether it be hair products, face serums, or mascara, the monthly package is worth the wait.

I can not remember the last time I even set foot inside a Sephora or Ulta… Mind you, I used to go almost weekly. Now, the only reason I’d probably set foot within such beauty retailers would be for foundation and concealer matching.

I can cancel my subscription whenever I want, but is having too many beauty items even a real problem? I think not. Through BoxyCharm, I’ve discovered “tried and trued” (as influencers would say) products such as the IGK Hair Mistress hydrating balm that I can not live without. GAME CHANGER, I’d be bold enough to say.

I am so impressed with the whole concept that is comprised of BoxyCharm, that I even included its business ethics and merchandizing within my college transfer admissions prompt to the University of Florida. Ultimately, I think UF is also a fan of their business approach because I did receive admission.

I look forward to future subscription boxes and coming up with new makeup looks within my ability of creating. What’s going to be included in October’s box? Well you’d have to stay tuned in or watch one of Kathleen Light’s (beauty YouTuber) unboxing.

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