It’s beginning to look a lot like… BC’s fall semester

Jacqueline Michaud

Contributing Writer

Welcome back Seahawks! Hope you enjoyed your Summer Break (that is, if you had one)! Now it is back to putting on our learning caps and embracing the fall semester with open arms.

A sincere welcome to the new students exploring the depths of Broward College’s South Campus. Not only an  academic regime, but a creative campus- Broward College South provides the resources you need to enrich and advance not only your future, but your dreams.

Just to get started, take a tour of our fascinating and one-of-a-kind art gallery, filled with the expressions of our students. For more information on the Art Gallery please contact Director John Selburg at

Along with the student-created Art Gallery, we also have a Performing and Cultural Arts Center located in building 68. This center has been an integral place for students to express politics, feminism, and serious global topics through theatre expression. If you want to look further into the center, please contact Luce Cardona at That was simply a sneak peek- read on to see even more of what you’ll have access to as a proud Seahawk.

The first step in starting your Fall Semester is by visiting Student Life. Here, you will have access to a student calendar of events for the upcoming months which include various activities you have the opportunity to join in or even volunteer with. Game days, contests, ZUMBA and even student mixers in the Breezeway. Upon visiting Student Life, you will also be provided information about our amazing Student Activity Center- tennis, foosball, unlimited internet access, video games, and pinball.

Students definitely need a break from studying and preparing for exams. Broward College provides healthy ways to do that with your fellow students. If you’re more the athletic-type, we have plenty of teams that would love to have you and a fully-equipped fitness center to enhance your physical abilities.  The fitness center is located in Building 65, Room 154. For further information, please contact Briana Henry at

At Broward College, we welcome you to join our vast educational programs, but even more we encourage your success and comfort. Here at BC, students can receive dental and vision care, student counseling, student academic planning, opportunities to study abroad, work-study programs, writing for the school newspaper and blog, The Observer, as well as many other opportunities to make a positive impact on your community and your campus. For more information on being a part of The Observer, please contact Jennifer Shapiro at

In the meantime- welcome to Broward College! Gooooo Seahawks! 

Image: Cartoon depiction of Sammy the Seahawk. MacKenzie Carter /The Observer

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