Meet BC’s new baseball coach

Elliot Tritto

Central Bureau Chief


What would you do if the school you used to attend provided you with a job that involved your passion in life? Well, that’s exactly what happened with Broward College’s newest addition to the Sports Management Faculty, John Broderick, the baseball coach. 

Broderick discussed his lifelong passion for baseball and how it helped to develop who he is today. “I started playing when I was 4-years-old in Sunrise where my father introduced it to me. I’ve learned over the years that baseball teaches you similar characteristics that you can also learn in life. You learn about patience, competition and creating a better companionship with your teammates.” 

From 2002-2005, he played 3rd base and short stop for the Piper High School team. Once he graduated, he decided to take his talents to Broward College, from 2006 to 2008. From then on, he took a few years off, did some full-time work, and went back to school at Lynn University from 2011-2012, he said.

He began coaching as an assistant coach for the Miami-Country Dade team for 5 years from 2013-2018.

“It got my foot in the water and I gained experience teaching others about baseball,” he said.

“This is the first time I’m a head coach in general. Nevertheless, being a former player and student grants me a great advantage. I know the “inns” and “outs” of the game and team so I can set the tone and become a team player. With that being said, winning will take care of itself. Winning will take care if you set the culture. You set up, work out and accomplish what needs to get done.”

Broderick hopes to accomplish many things at Broward College and encourages students to check out a baseball game.

“The kids are here to get their AA, play and go out on their journey in life. We, the staff, are the ones who give them all the assistance they need. Once that time comes for the students to spread their wings, we’ll know we’ve sent them off on the right path.” 

“So, when any of you get a chance, take yourself out to the ball game, grab a hot dog and root for the Seahawks to victory.”

The baseball season is currently underway. Upcoming games include the Seahawks vs. Eastern Florida State at home on April 24 at 6 p.m. on Central Campus and against Eastern Florida State on April 26 and April 27 at Melbourne.

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