The Way I Make Up: Volume Two

Michelle Castano

Editor in Chief

In present day, the beauty industry is a multi-million-dollar industry. Makeup, skincare, haircare, you name it and items are flying off the shelves. 

In fact, cosmetics company, Tarte states that their cult favorite makeup concealer is sold every 12 seconds. 

Makeup collections are being launched daily, whether it be Milk Makeup’s new “hydro grip” primer or Kylie Cosmetics Ulta (beauty retailer) exclusive eyeshadows and lip kits. 

So, the question is, does this get overwhelming? The answer is yes.

As an avid makeup and skincare lover, I follow my favorite accounts on Instagram.

I even follow accounts that just feature makeup news. I see new products being launched almost daily and while it’s great that the beauty industry is keeping up with consumer demands, it’s hard to keep track of the latest makeup setting mist when three new mists are being launched almost daily. 

Should I buy Anastasia Beverly Hill’s new Riviera palette or Colourpop’s new “brunch” collection palette?

With an excess of options, the consumer may feel overwhelmed and counterintuitively, not even purchase anything. 

I find myself doing this a lot. I have a “grocery list” full of items that catch my attention, however,

I rarely actually buy anything on the list due to the overabundance of buying options.

I forecast that the new trend with beauty is minimalism and downsizing; less is more. There shouldn’t be a need to run to the container store and purchase new makeup storage containers to store new beauty products in. 

Marie Kondo’s new Netflix series, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” teaches its viewers to look at their own items whether it be clothing, kitchen appliances, or miscellaneous objects and ask oneself if it “sparks” joy or not; if the item doesn’t spark joy, Marie suggests to get rid of it. 

This method has become so successful that “Marie Kondo-ing” is now used in verb tense.

Just recently, I heard one of my friends say “I’m Marie Kondo-ing my kitchen, do you want a vegetable steamer?”

Minimalism is in. It’s time to declutter beauty items and refrain from purchasing new items unless they ultimately spark joy. 

How about a Marie Kondo challenge? I’ll begin with my nail polish collection. 


Photo: An array of makeup selections. Courtesy of Fashion Industry Network.

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