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Michael Gennaro

North Bureau Chief

Since 1982, Broward College has awarded its most esteemed professors and adjuncts the Professor of the Year award. From Feb. 4 to Feb. 27, voting for the 2019 professor of the year award will be open to all Broward College students.

On North and South Campuses, one full-time and two adjunct professors are eligible to win. On Central Campus, two full-time and two adjuncts are eligible to win.

Voted on by students, faculty and staff at Broward College, the Professor of the Year award shines a light on the professors at Broward College that go the extra mile to ensure their students’ success in the classroom and in life.

Jeffrey P. Nasse, the Interim Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, wrote in a press release, 

“This annual academic tradition provides our community the opportunity to recognize our most outstanding faculty here at Broward College. Help us reward those professional educators who are transforming student lives and enriching our diverse community through academic excellence, innovational and meaningful career experiences.”

The voting process has been streamlined this year. Students can vote online and select their nomination from a drop-down menu and leave written comments about why they voted for a professor. All eligible faculty is included in the drop-down menu.

“We went through a major revamping to increase the representation of the students. The steps are very straightforward,” Theo Koupelis, the Dean of Academic Affairs at South Campus, explained. 

“My hope is that students will take advantage of not just how easy it is. . . but take the chance to write as long of an essay as you want to write to describe why you think this person is worthy of the award.”

“This is an opportunity for the students to acknowledge excellence in teaching, to tell us what they value in teaching,” Koupelis said.

Improving Broward College will always be a priority, and the Professor of the Year award is one way that students at Broward College can provide vital feedback on their day-to-day experiences at the college.

“I know we have excellent faculty here, but all of us can improve. It’s a way for students to tell us what kind of improvements they expect,” Koupelis said. “[The award] is a great opportunity to highlight the positives that we have.”

In addition to the recognition, professors of the year also get a premium parking spot near their office or where they teach.

Students can vote online from Feb. 4 to Feb. 27 at

Photo: One of the perks of winning professor or adjunct professor of the year is a premium parking spot at Broward College. Michelle Castano/The Observer                                                                                                    

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