The secret life of a multi-faceted Broward College student

Michelle Castano


What do BC students do outside of college life? In what ways do they manage their time? BC New Media Communications student, Joy Cannizzaro is multifaceted in a plethora of ways. Not only is she a Broward College student, but she works at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting, has her own podcast, is a content producer and owns a wrestling company. 

Cannizzaro is a Campus Coordinator at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting where she oversees students in regards to graduation requirements, student success, radio and television equipment education and internships. She has also been an on-air radio personality and currently hosts a podcast called Now Trending Live. In addition to her broadcast work, Cannizzaro is working alongside Power 96’s “Fly Girl Diva,” as her producer and camera personnel.

Alongside Jeff Koski, who is known in the wrestling world as “J-Dawg,” Cannizzaro owns a wrestling company called Platinum Pro Wrestling, which is headquartered in Hollywood, Florida. Koski comes from a wrestling family, his father being the famous Rusty Brooks from the WWE. 

 On Jan. 19, Platinum Pro Wrestling (PPW) hosted their event called “Seasons Beatings” at the Crossfit Squad in West Palm Beach. With their slogan, “A Cut Above the Rest,” audiences saw multiple wrestling personalities and gimmicks, ranging from the delusional “Chuckles” the clown to a “Fabulous Fitness” duo that were all about colorful spandex and flamboyant personalities. 

 The lure of “Seasons Beatings” was that the audience could bring non-lethal household items for participants of the final match of the evening to dual over. The show goers saw everything between a Christmas tree to chairs being flung onto the arena. Wrestling talent from all over the United States from North Carolina to California were in attendance.

 Platinum Pro Wrestling has been packing punches for two years and they have been successful over its competitors because they know their market and how to reach out to them. PPW livestreams all of their events and important matches, they run promotions every two months for shows, they work with vendors and include elements of what Cannizzaro already does with her broadcasting career. 

 She creates lower third icons to accompany the livestreams and keeps audiences who aren’t able to attend certain shows in the loop with continuous Facebook content. “I find my drive— I do what I love; moreover, I try to find different things to create and accomplish. When you love it, it’s not stressful, it all comes together,” said Cannizzaro.

She is currently working on a website to accompany her podcast at and her wrestling can be found on Facebook at

Photo: Wrestlers Wes Brisco and Ricky Martinez brawl at Seasons Beatings in West Palm Beach. Michelle Castano/The Observer

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