What’s your New Year’s resolution, Seahawks?

Stephanie Sylvester


“New year, new me.” We hear it every year. Before the clock strikes 12 on December 31, most people are ecstatic to start creating their New Year’s resolutions. A New Year’s resolution can be a plan, a goal or a promise to make a change, improve or maintain one’s life in some way. These resolutions can be especially important for college students as we continuously go through changes and enter different phases in life. A few exceptional BC students had some great resolutions to kick off 2019 in the best way. 

Criminal justice and psychology major, Dorian Wimberly, has an especially self-empowering resolution for 2019. He plans to focus more on himself so that he can achieve his goals to prosper in the future. “Everyone around me felt like they knew what I needed better than me so I was conflicted for a time,” said Wimberly addressing the struggles he endured when it came to the opinions of others regarding his career choices. “Ultimately, I’m the only person that truly knows what I will thrive in and that’s what brought me to Broward College.” 

Wimberly is also a member of the GSA club at South Campus and plans to transfer to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in the spring of 2020. This brilliant mind has taken his passion for helping others to seek out justice in the law field and make medical breakthroughs in the medical field. Wimberly’s advice to everyone facing this year is to never give up and to remember that anything is possible.

An academically-affluent student and future electronics inventor made his footprint on BC at the young age of 16. Electrical engineering major, Johnathan Lugo, has some strong academic New Year’s resolutions. Lugo aims to score high on his SAT tests, maintain his stellar 4.0 GPA and start a speech club at BC South Campus. Additionally, he wants to add in an extra self-care routine of waking up at 6 a.m. everyday to exercise. 

Although Lugo views resolutions as great tools to better oneself, he views his resolutions as merely frameworks. “I believe that if people always strived for improvement, not just once a year, the world would gross more productivity and prosperity.” The biggest lesson Lugo learned in 2018 is that giving our greatest effort to the things we are passionate about allows us to learn and grow regardless of the outcome.

Lugo’s desire to become an electronics inventor strives far beyond making the big bucks. He desires to develop a technology giving humans the capacity to integrate artificial intelligence into electronics. He ultimately aims to provide a sturdy foundation for technological advancement that future generations can build upon. 

Recent graduate, Sofia Rodriguez, is a psychology major who will be attending Florida Gulf Coast University this spring. Her goals are to help those with disorders, especially depression, overcome their challenges. A simple yet effective goal, Rodriguez’s New Year’s resolution is to become a better person overall. Through her academic, career and personal goals she strives to never give up. She refuses to let anything get in the way of her dreams. 

“Don’t take life for granted. Be nice to everyone because you never know what someone might be going through.” These are the inspiring words Rodriguez gives as advice to everyone going into 2019. 

New Year’s resolutions are limitless. Some are simple, and some are complex. Some can be achieved in a short time or some might take the whole year. The most important thing to take with you on your journey is positivity no matter what your resolution is.

This is 2019. Make it yours.


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