10 fall tv shows you don’t want to miss

Stephanie Sylvester

Editor in chief


The fall season is made for cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and delicious holiday food with your family. But it’s also made for finding time to snuggle up on the couch with a bag of potato chips to binge-watch your favorite TV shows that you have been waiting for all year long to return. Then there’s those TV shows that you have been seeing previews of for weeks that are premiering brand new this fall. Whatever your taste may be for some great TV entertainment, there are ten TV show series you must consider this holiday season.

1. THE FLASH on The CW

Catch superhero, Flash, running across your TV screens Tuesday, October 9 at 8/7c for its fifth season. Also known as Barry Allen, we will get to see him training his daughter on how to handle her fast superpowers and his confrontation with a new villain. Be prepared because this season is premiering in a flash!


Back in business for its 37th chapter Wednesday, October 17th at 8 p.m., the story based on the Archie Comics from the 40s. When one of the crew’s classmates gets murdered, they are on a deep investigation to find the culprit.


Thriving since 2005, Sam and Dean Winchester are back for more monster hunts. Two brothers lose their mother in death to a supernatural force and now continue to hunt crazy spiritual monsters. Catch the premiere Thursday, October 25th at 9/8c.


Returning for the 4th season October 14th 8/7c, the force against fear will be upon us. We get to see her kicking anti-alien terrorist butt all in a new suit and fangirls all over the nation couldn’t be more excited.

5. ARROW on The CW

Back for its 7th season premiering October 15th 8/7c, the Green Arrow is back to continue his story after a shocking conclusion from season 6. After Oliver turns himself in spending 5 months in prison and reveals his identity as the Green Arrow, he is faced with more challenges that we get a front row seat to.


This five-Emmy nominated hit comedy series will be returning with many more laughs Tuesday, October 16th at 9/8c. Hilarious actor and comedian, Anthony Anderson, plays the father and husband Dre Johnson. His wife, Rainbow, played by former Girlfriends actor Tracee Ellis Ross is bringing back her bubbly, witty personality along with more challenges from their four children.


A new series premiering on ABC starring Nathan Fillion as the LAPD’s oldest rookie won’t be your average cop show. After a life-changing accident, John Nolan moves to LA to find his new purpose. He soon realizes that becoming a cop for the LAPD comes with new challenges chiefly due to his age. Can he handle the trials and tribulations that come with being an old rookie in the LAPD? Find out Tuesday, October 16th at 10/9c.

8. TITANS on DC Universe

Remember the Cartoon Network hit TV show, Teen Titans, from 2003? Well get ready because Robin, Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy are back as real people instead of cartoons to kick some villain butt. What’s interesting about this new series is that Starfire will be played by a black woman for the first time by actor Anna Diop. Much controversy has surfaced over Anna playing Starfire, but regardless she is expected to kill this role and the show will go on.


A new series on HBO starring Jennifer Garner and David Tennant playing as married couple Kathryn and Walt, go on a camping trip for Walt’s 45th birthday. The opportunity to escape reality has brought on new activities, life lessons, and challenges the couple and all their friends invited will confront. Catch the series and go camping with the crew Sunday, October 14th.


Come on a journey with black star football player, Spencer James, played by Daniel Ezra Wednesday, October 10 at 9/8c. After a successful game, coach Billy Baker played by Tay Diggs confronts Spencer about an opportunity to play for Beverly High. Spencer must decide whether he will leave his home city, Crenshaw, to strive for better education and opportunity. The challenges he faced as a young boy from Crenshaw trying to find his way in a rich white city like Beverly hills are portrayed to the audience. With so many people depending on him yet so many people against him, will Spencer achieve his dream and make it to the big leagues?

These are only but a few awesome TV shows that are premiering this fall. With so many TV networks, captivating story lines, and talented actors the possibilities are endless on what new shows you can get into. Consider these amazing selections in your TV journey and fall in love all over again with current shows or find a new love with brand new series coming this fall.


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