Sidesplitting Predator ends on a cliffhanger

Doris Pace

South Bureau Chief


Walking into the movie theatre I had high expectations for The Predator. Being a fan of the franchise, I expected to have my love for the Predator reignited.

As with the first Predator film, I did not expect a cinematic masterpiece. That’s not what the franchise is known for. Taken for what it is, an action film with sci-fi characters, The Predator is an action packed comedy that gives new life to a 30-year-old character and sets up the storyline for the revival of the franchise and yes, I said comedy.

Throughout the whole film the dialogue is filled with back-to-back jokes, catchy one liners and a chemistry between characters that makes the timing of the jokes and the whole pace of the movie feel like a comedy. For some this might be too much, maybe even a bit out of character for a sci-fi movie. I found it refreshing. The writing, most of which was done by Shane Black has his signature humor, a bit dark but still funny. Black did not take the film into a deep, dark serious world which could have been easily done. Instead he takes the viewer on a fun ride. A ride which the viewer has been on before but now it is revamped, has some new added surprises and twists but manages to remind the viewer of all the fun and thrill of the original.

Without giving away too much I can say that unlike the original where Schwarzenegger’s main character controls and commands screen time, The Predator has a main character (Boyd Holbrook) but would be just plain boring if it wasn’t for the supporting characters. A group of misfits and labeled crazy, ex-military men (which include Keegan-Michael Key) a young boy who’s “on the spectrum” and biologist (Olivia Munn).

This is a classic set-up of characters for a sci-fi film except the chemistry is great, they do not get killed off right away and for once we get some back story for supporting characters. Casey Brakett, the biologist played by Olivia Munn, is not a damsel in distress and adds a female presence to the cast. She can handle her guns and actually makes for a good action star. At times you forget she is a biologist and not another one of the guys.

Staying true to the original, there is plenty of action in the film right from the very beginning. What is different and once again refreshing is the scenery. In this story the action takes place in the jungle, and in the city. We see shots of laboratories and blown up buildings. Adding to the action and to the story of the Predator we are introduced to the Predator dogs. That’s all I will say about that because they are just too good for me to spoil. Not only are we introduced to new characters within the Predator world but we see more close ups of the actual Predator. The special effects, especially the camouflage we all have grown to love, have come a long way.

Still, there is something lacking in the special effects department. Which brings me to the fact that not all of it is good, we see some obvious slips in logic which if you can look past you can enjoy the story. We are given a backstory of the name of the Predator which is pretty disappointing and towards the end the directing and the writing feel rushed and almost piecey.

Yet by the end of the film, you are left laughing, on the edge of a cliff hanger and back in love with The Predator, waiting and ready for the next part of the story.
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