Complicated relationships displayed on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood

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Do Love and Hip Hop go hand and hand? In VH1’s “Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood,” the show features a cast filled with complicated lives and relationships. In previous seasons, we see Hazel-E continuing to work on her music career and personal life. Maskia, one of Hazel-E’s associates, quickly gets into a fiery argument with Hazel-E at her performing showcase. Meanwhile at Moniece and Lazell’s dinner gathering, Alexis Sky, one of Masika’s enemies, and Nicky Baby, one of Hazel-E friends, invade inside.

Elsewhere, Marcus and Brooke try to rebuild their marriage, yet Brooke discovers he’s been having a secret relationship with Jade, a paralegal. Tension boils during a confrontation with Jade which causes Brooke to force Marcus into telling Jade about who Brooke’s role is in Marcus’s life. Meanwhile, Mister Ray and Lazell engage into a heated argument at Masika’s event. Switching to Marcus, he tries to win Brooke’s heart back by setting up a romantic evening, only to find that she no longer wants to continue the relationship.

In another part of the show, Nia and Masika attempt to mend fences with Mister Ray and Lazell, but Lazell discovers his lover is Mister Ray’s boyfriend. Let’s go to Amber Diamond and Teairra Mari, which results into a heated argument when Teairra discovers Cisco’s been real cozy with Amber by starting a relationship with her. Away from that, Brooke and Booby run into each other at Lyrica’s listening party and Brooke discovers that Hazel- E and Booby used to have an intimate relationship. Lyrica and K. Michelle engage in a heated argument since K. Michelle reveals to Lyrica that she was aware of her intimate connection with Safree.

K. Michelle then tells A1 Lyrica’s husband about the true nature of Safree’s relationship with Lyrica. As a result, A1 confronts Lyrica about the allegations and doubts that Lyrica’s been truthful about the extent of her relationship with Safree. Things take a drastic turn at Ray J and Princess’s gender reveal party. Mrs. Norwood, Ray J.’s mother, and Princess get into a heated argument which causes Ray J’s sister, Brandi, to exit the party in silence. Also, during the reveal party, Lyrica confronts Brooke about the rumors she exposed about herself and Safree engaging in a relationship.

With all the stress and drama, Lyrica decides to move in with her mom so her relationship with A1 soothes over. Lyrica’s mother, Ms. Garrett, goes over to A1’s house to talk, yet consequently, his mother intervenes and it escalates to physical altercation. A1 confronts Safree about his relationship with Lyrica and discovers Lyrica wasn’t being truthful. During the confrontation, things take a turn for the worse when physical altercation plays a role to which A1 decides to clear his mind and focus on his own personal growth.

In another situation, Brooke finds out Marcus has yet another girlfriend named Nastassia whom he impregnates. Marcus explodes now that everything’s out in the open. Somewhere else, K. Michelle uncovers the silicone injections she had in her buttocks five years ago was the underlying issue in her health. In a desperate search, she finds a doctor willing to remove foreign objects from her body.

Do not forget to tune in and watch season 7 on VH1 as new relationships and alliances are formed as well as ongoing feuds, exposed secrets and broken bonds. Can you really have genuine friendships dealing with fame and/or love?
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