New basketball coach leads men’s team at Broward College

De’Ronzy Lawrence

Sports Editor


The requirements fit to be a leader are traits only a few can possess. Those who are born with such traits have the ability to create a following that believes in their vision;

Understanding and reaching each individual so that they will not only function as oneself, but as a unit. Athletic Director Robert Deustchman of Broward College believes that he has found a leader with such traits in new basketball coach Anthony Anderson.

“I’m really, really excited about our men’s head basketball coach, Anthony Anderson. He’s going to be a great addition to our staff,’’ said Deustchman.

Claiming Slidell, Louisiana by way of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Coach Anderson’s childhood and basketball were synonymous with one another. “I grew up with a basketball in my hand. Being from a rough neighborhood, there wasn’t much else to do but play basketball. We would cut the bottom off of a milk crate, hook it to a pole and we played ball. That’s how we did it,” said Anderson.

Broward College is not Anderson’s first tenure as a head coach. He was also the former head basketball coach for Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana. During his tenure there, Anderson elevated his leadership when his team and city needed him the most. In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the State of Louisiana, but Coach Anderson did not let the situation weaken his team or himself. “I had kids on the team that went through the storm; literally in the water. It was tough. The first year we spent it dealing with life. We didn’t have a gym or scholarships. The second year we progressed from not having a gym prior, to building a new one. It was tough but it made my kids stronger and I became a better coach,” said Anderson.

Now at Broward College, Coach Anderson is on a mission to build the program towards greener pastures. Finding recruits from all around the country and attempting something that some coaches can be too stubborn to do, which is build a system predicated to the talent he has, rather than forcing kids to adopt a coach’s system that may not be suited for them.

“I chose Broward College not only because my family loves South Florida, but also because Broward gave me the chance I was looking for. I want my kids to not only play inspired team basketball, but to also have that same inspiration to perform well in the classroom. My kids will graduate. They will not take advantage of this opportunity. I always say, don’t let the basketball use you, instead use the basketball,” said Anderson.

Practice for this upcoming season will begin in October. Coach Anderson and the Seahawks will be ready for their campaign.

photo info: New basketball coach Anthony Anderson Photo Courtesy: The Athletic Department

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