Don’t miss the drama: catch up on Season 5 Power on Netflix

Cassandra St. Fleur
Contributing Writer


All that glitters is not gold. Apparently, James “Ghost” St. Patrick, played by Omar Hardwick, may have power, but he does not have control of his surroundings.
On previous seasons, Ghost runs into his high school sweetheart, Angela and everything takes a drastic turn. In the midst of rekindling an old flame with Angela, she discovers that he is married.
Angela is played by Lela Loren and is an FBI agent working on an investigation to bust ghost. The closer Angela gets to Jamie, she eventually finds out who “Ghost” is.
Meanwhile, as the investigation goes on, Angela thinks Tommy is “Ghost” and Tommy discovers Angela is an FBI agent. Elsewhere, Kannan, played by Curtis James Jackson III, is making his way out of prison from a shady drug charge that involved “Ghost” and is planning a big comeback into the drug world.
Furthermore, Ghost’s relationship with Angela becomes steamy and intimate. In the meantime, Tasha, played by Naturi Naughton, finds out the true nature of the relationship between Jamie and Angela. As her love for James fades away, Tasha gets her groove back and finds a new love interest with Shawn, who is Kannan’s son.
Tommy, played by Joseph Sikora, has always been Ghost’s right hand man. But as his relationship flourishes with Holly, played by Lucy Walters, it diminished with Ghost. Tommy’s new love interest with Holly has made him focus more on her and less on his responsibilities with Ghost. Although Tommy is in love with Holly, she does not reflect her true personality. During a police interview, Holly discloses to Angela that James is Ghost.

Consequently, Angela confronts Jamie about being Ghost and is forced to choose between her duty to the police force or her loyalty to James “Ghost.”
Meanwhile, tension boils over between Kannon and “Ghost” while Kannon seeks revenge to kill Ghost and hires his son Shawn to kill “Ghost.” Shawn never completed the job, so Kannon kills his son Shawn and Dre helps him get rid of Shawn’s body.
Kannon later has a physical altercation with “Ghost.” Ghost stabs Kannon and then burns the house down, thinking he is dead, but later discovers that he is still alive. Out for vengeance, Kannon plans on using Ghost’s son Tariq, played by Michael Rainey Jr., and then plans on killing him. As Kannon becomes closer to Tariq he tries to play a father figure to him and then tries to turn him against his father “Ghost.” Kannon drugs Tariq and then contacts Tariq’s mother, Tasha, demanding ransom.
Meanwhile, Dre, played by Rotimi, is running Ghost’s nightclub and informs Kannon that he will not be receiving any funds for Tariq’s ransom due to Ghost being incarcerated. Tariq wakes up from his coma and Kannon informs Tariq that his father, “Ghost,” is confined and was the own cause for him being imprisoned. Tariq believes him and turns his back on his father. Kannon starts influencing Tariq to rob stores and homes.
Tariq gets into an altercation with a dirty cop named Ray Ray, played by marcus Callender, as tensions boil over with Tariq and Ray Ray. Tariq confides in his sister Raina to keep quiet about his feud with Ray Ray. Being the caring little sister Raina is, played by Donesha Hopkins, she confronts Ray Ray, which leads to her losing her life. Once Tariq discovers Ray Ray is behind Raina’s murder, he is out for revenge. Tariq meets with Ray Ray. As the quarrel with Ray Ray and Tariq escalates, Tariq uses his mother, Tasha’s, gun and kills Ray Ray in self-defense.
Do not forget to tune in and watch Season 5 on Netflix and keep your eyes open for Season 6, which has not been announced yet. New relationships and alliances are formed, old ones become more complex. It will make you question who can you really trust?

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