Game Night in Coral Springs popular new hang out

By Doris Pace

Contributing Writer

Thursday, 10 p.m. Game Night starts getting crowded. Spencer Molz, owner of Game Night and Valentin Sinitean, his partner, start dashing from the front of the bar to the kitchen.

“It’s after 9 o’clock, that’s when it gets packed. It’s like everyone got off the same bus,” said Molz.

Gamers, non-gamers, locals and visitors were all starting to crowd around the TV screens as fans started video game tournaments and craft beer enthusiasts racked their brains trying to decide which beer would be their next pick and what item would pair best from the food menu.

Game Night, a relaxed, friendly environment for gamers and non-gamers alike was coming to life.

Tucked away in the Coral Palm Plaza in Coral Springs, Game Night hasn’t even reached the one year milestone but has already gained a crowd of regulars and the exciting title of the only “barcade” in Coral Springs.

“I knew Coral Springs would be a good spot…We have the mall and the movie theater, that’s really it. …A ton of sports bars but there’s no good place to just hang out and meet new people…That’s really what I wanted to bring to this little spot,” said Molz.

With that in mind Molz and Sinitean crafted Game Night.

Clearly catering to video game enthusiasts, large screen TVs line the walls and the countertops with a dedicated retropod and multiple controllers for group play at each station. Whether it’s an “old-school” game or something newer, chances are you will be able to play it at Game Night.

If gaming isn’t your thing, there’s still plenty to enjoy.

“It’s a nice spot with a chill vibe and they got hockey on TV,” said Michael Warren, now a regular of Game Night.

You can watch live sports and classic movies on their big screens; start a conversation based on the dozens of movie posters on the walls or argue about the “101 best movie quotes” of all time posted on the restroom door. You can pick up some cards, dominoes and even a “Happiness and Cyanide” card game.

If that’s not enough, the beer selection alone will keep you coming back for more and you have Sinitean to thank for that.

“He puts a lot of time and effort into our beer selection… one of the things we wanted to do for Coral Springs…is be a craft bar instead of a sports bar but you’re not going to pay the ridiculous prices that you might pay at some of the other bars,” said Molz.

The same thoughtful dedication was given to the menu. While some items change, you can count on gourmet hot dogs to always be available.

The Colombian dog, inspired by a local friend is a staple of the “fun hot dogs” served.

Chips for light snacking, desserts, soda for anyone under 21 and even a tipsy blended coffee is on the menu.

The best part about the kitchen is, as Molz said “I don’t close the kitchen, maybe one day.”

Not only is the kitchen never closed, but Game Night is one of the few locations serving food that remains open past 10 p.m. in Coral Springs.

If you need another reason to check this place out, how about their events?

You can also enjoy live music at their monthly DJ events.

Gamers can enjoy tournaments with cash prizes and for non-gamers, fun -for- everyone holiday parties such as “Before Your Christmas,” “Black Friday,” and “New Year’s” just to name a few.

Game Night where “We have a little bit of something for everybody…Val and I are always going to do our best to give everyone 100 percent service, to make sure you had a good time. We work really hard to keep that vibe going,” said Molz.

The crowd visiting Game Night feels the same way too. Molz described the crowd as accepting, willing to teach others new games.

“I see a lot of people come in here by themselves and all of a sudden they will be with another group of people that was already here and next thing you know they’ll come back together.”

Happy hour is Monday through Thursday from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. and ladies’ night is every Thursday from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.

For more information, stop by Game Night located at 2125 N University Drive, Coral Springs or visit

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