11th annual Life in Color festival continues its legacy

Rehan Ally

Online Editor

Life in Color (LIC) is an annual music festival held in Miami that mainly features electronic dance music (EDM), along with other genres.

This year’s main headliners were EDM artist, Zedd, and hip-hop artist, 21 Savage.

The unique aspect of LIC is that it is a huge paint party. Brightly colored paint is spewed across the festival from practically every corner.

Most festivalgoers dress in all white clothing to let the paint give its full neon effect.

While most people buy paint bottles, there was also a way to get free bottles of paint. LIC encouraged festivalgoers to recycle by allowing them to collect five empty paint bottles and exchange them for one free bottle of paint.

There were many booths and vendors for people to visit.

The selection of foods ranged from middle-eastern gyros, to tacos, to pizza, and much more. There were many vendors selling festival merchandise and LED rave gear.

There was an area with beanbag chairs scattered around for people to relax. There was also a station where festivalgoers could go and make “kandi” which are brightly colored bead bracelets that are typically worn at raves.

The VIP section was the only area that was nearly “paint-free.” There, 21 and over festivalgoers can enjoy LIC from that section without getting drenched in paint.

On the lineup, there were four, color phases for four of the artists. During phases, that color is the theme of the set and it is the main color of lighting and paint used on stage.

EDM artist, Parker, took the stage for the Pink Phase.

Hip-hop artist, Lil Pump took the stage for the Orange Phase. He performed many of his hit songs. The crowd went wild when he performed his most popular song, “Gucci Gang.”

EDM artist, K?D, did the Red Phase with an hour long set.

Hip-hop artist, Blackbear, followed him in the Yellow Phase with a 40 minute performance including his hit songs, “do re mi” and “idfc.”

EDM artist, Snails, followed with an hour long set of heavy, head banging dubstep.

Jaden Smith had a short 15-minute set afterward and performed some of his original music.

21 Savage was supposed to perform right before the finale. Unfortunately, it was said that he missed his flight and could not make it to the festival.

Finally, Zedd closed out the show with a set that lasted over an hour. He played many of his most popular songs such as “Clarity” featuring Foxes and “Stay” featuring Alessia Cara.

Overall, Life in Color was a unique festival experience. Despite one fallout performance, festivalgoers seemed to have a great time nonetheless and enjoyed what LIC had to offer.

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