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Sara Varela


Are you passionate? Are you committed? Are you responsible? If you answered yes to all the questions, then you should join The Observer.

The Observer is a biweekly publication with a distribution of 2,200 copies college wide. It’s also been an award-winning publication for many years. Past editors and staff have gone on to work to places like CNN, ESPN, CBS, NBC, and more, covering everything from sports to hard news.

And just this past summer, thanks to the clips I was able to create working at The Observer, I was selected to participate in the POLITICO Journalism Institute, a two-weeks internship in Washington, D.C.

Here at The Observer we work tirelessly to bring news to Broward College’s student body, faculty and staff. But this is a job that requires more than just a few people, especially considering that BC serves more than 60,000 students across three campuses and four centers. Currently, we have a staff of eight people and half of them are graduating this semester, which means several paid editorial positions will be available.

The editors’ positions opening up for Spring 2018 are Managing, Copy, Social Media, News, Sports, Photography and North Bureau Chief. But even with all editorial positions filled out, we are always encouraging people to join as staff members. Staff members are not paid but students will have the opportunity to train and prepare for whenever an editor position opens up.

Currently, The Observer allows staff to gain hands-on experience in writing, photography, and more recently, in video making and editing. Starting in the Spring 2018, The Observer will expand its online presence by premiering a podcast series. This will open a new series of opportunities for students, who will be able to gain experience producing content, hosting, and audio editing.

Besides the hands-on experience, students learn how to work under deadline, deal with pressure, teamwork, multimedia producing, and valuable skills such as responsibility, time management, good communication, conflict resolution, and much more.

If you are an aspiring journalist, then you should definitely start producing as many clips as possible while you’re in school. However, the Observer is much more than just a student newspaper for aspiring journalists. The Observer is actually open to all students, regardless of their major.

And with the expansion beyond print, The Observer is now a door for students with passion for filmmaking, broadcasting, and radio. The opportunities are endless for determined, passionate students. But it isn’t just about work and responsibility. The Observer is a place to also make friends, meet new people, and have some fun too.

If you’re wondering what each position entails, please visit thebrowardcollegeobserver.com/positions. On the bottom of the page you will able to download an application to fill out and send to our email. We hope you join us!

For additional day-to-day information, you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, all under the username @thebcobserver.

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