New store offers tech repair discounts to students

Manicia Reneus

North Campus Bureau Chief

Computer Repair Doctor is offering discounts to students who need phone or computer repairs. The discount is $10 off phone repairs and 25 percent off labor for computer repairs.

Repairs are done with all types of different devices-iPad, iPhone, Macs and PCs. The only thing students are required to do is show their student IDs. Additionally, free diagnostics are given so that individuals will know how much they will need to pay for repairs.

“If it comes out to too much and you think you’ll just get a new computer instead that’s okay,” said Scott Donovan, Marketing Director.

Donovan understands that customers may want a new computer if the repair cost is equivalent to a new computer. This is a likely possibility if a customer has a computer with some liquid damages or needs a motherboard replacement.

The tech repair shop also has a standard warranty on their parts and work. If they are not able to fix the problem, a customer doesn’t pay.  In 2013, the shop launched their first location in Tallahassee and has expanded to eight locations with Davie being one of them.

“A lot of people are trading in their current iPhones and grabbing a newer one, but carriers, Best Buy, Amazon won’t buy it if it has a cracked screen,” said Donovan.

Donovan recognizes that the repair shop services are needed especially around the time people are looking to upgrade their iPhones or other devices.

For students looking to repair their devices, they can visit the shop at 2501 S University Drive in Davie or they can go to for more information.

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