A new superhero makes his way into the Avengers

Manicia Reneus

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A new Spider-Man for a new generation.

Spider-Man Homecoming premiered July 7. The fantasy film originally made its debut in 2002 and is back for another version.

In the film, Tom Holland who plays Peter Parker is balancing life as a high school student and Spider-Man. However, Parker wants to grow up before his time and constantly try to prove to his mentor Tony Stark that he has what it takes to be the next superhero.

In true millennial fashion, the film started off with a black screen that says “A Peter Parker Film” in white letters. Peter excitingly vlogs his experience as Spider- Man at the Stark internship. In Peter’s vlog, he gets pumped up, while talking about his day with Iron Man and Captain America. Although Mr. Happy- Stark’s assistant is annoyed with Peter recording his experience, Stark feels completely opposite. Stark even gets into the video so that he could tell Aunt May how phenomenal Peter has been in the internship.

The reaction that Mr. Happy and Stark gave towards Peter’s vlog reminded me of two types of adults. One who embraces the new things that the younger generations does. The other type would be the one that is not so open-minded about new things that the younger generation is into. For instance, some older people may not be too fond of social media and iPads.

Early in the movie, it is shown that Stark embraces Peter and is like a father figure to him. At the end of Peter’s internship, Stark lets Peter keep the Spider- Man suit. As Stark gave him the good news, Peter’s eyes looked like it was going to explode with enthusiasm.

On the other hand, there is a downfall at the end of Peter’s internship. We all know that when someone says don’t call us we will call you, it’s a possibility that you may not hear from that person soon. That’s exactly what ends up happening to Peter after his internship. Despite Peter’s several failed attempts of trying to call Mr. Stark, he still decided to continue his mission as the friendly neighborhood spider man.

Eventually, Peter gets in touch with Mr. Stark. After Peter tells Mr. Stark about the local missions he has done, Mr. Stark encourages Peter to be a local super hero because it’s a good start. This does not reinforce that Peter is on the avenger team quite yet. Meanwhile, Peter dressed in his spider gear ready to take on thieves, help cats get down from trees and help old ladies with directions.

Additionally, Peter goes back to normal life as a 15-year-old boy. At his high school, Peter is a part of the Decathlon team. This extra-curriculur activity takes a back seat as Peter makes more time for his mission as Spider- Man. When Peter becomes too devoted in being Spider-Man, his best friend Ned reminds him that he is still in high school. I think that Ned is a good friend because not only does he keep Peter’s Spider-Man secret, he prompts Peter to do normal things like study for a Spanish test and talk to Liz who Peter has a crush on.

Liz is the captain of the Decathlon team and admits that she has a crush on Spider-Man. Because of this revelation, Ned tries to convince Peter that he has a chance with Liz. Hesitantly, Peter is still unsure if that’s an indication that Liz likes him. Besides she doesn’t know who is in the Spider-Man suit.

“You’re the Spider-Man from YouTube,” said Ned.

I loved this line because it resonates with modern times since a lot of people have watched a YouTube video.

Some people can get caught up in achieving something that they don’t realize that they are putting themselves in a dangerous situation. Peter becomes so involved in catching the villains that he ends up putting himself and others in danger at the Staten Island Ferry. Fortunately, Mr. Stark comes and saves the day but he is not so pleased with what Peter has done. After Mr. Stark diffuses the situation, Peter is forced to give back the Spider -Man suit

“If you are nothing without this suit than you shouldn’t have it,” said Mr. Stark.

In this moment, Peter is learning his lesson and it shows that even superheroes can mess up. Peter gets an epiphany and learns how to become Spider- Man without the high-tech suit. As Peter began to realize that he didn’t need the suit, he becomes more confident as Spider-Man. Ultimately, Peter is given a spot on the avengers’ team.

Overall, Spider-Man Homecoming was a great movie. The only thing that I think the script writers should have focused more on is the dialogue between the characters. In the movie, it felt like certain scenes were just dragging conversations for too long. On the other hand, I think the movie showed kids and teens to not rush the process of growing up.

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