Why gamers game

Chris Williams
Social Media Editor

Many of the things that were once seen as ‘nerdy’ or for ‘geeks’  have become mainstream the past few years. But most widely accepted of them are video games. Many people have even made their living off of playing video games. Some compete nationally or even internationally. But why do they do it? For fame? Money? Joy? Well, it’ll differ depending on who you ask, but for me it’s a passion, a place where I’ve met friends and a place I can call my escape. Though, I wanna make something clear, if you’re a Call of Duty jockey, you’re not a gamer. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that isn’t what makes a gamer. A gamer is someone who feels at home when they are immersed in these worlds, among other things.

Throughout the many years of my gaming life I’ve made some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. Whether it be a gaming rival, or just some buddy that helped you out once and you both kept in touch. These aren’t your typical online friends. They are genuine friends that each bring something to my life. I think it’s cool to note that I have met people through gaming, that met their now spouses through videogames.

I personally believe that video games provide a fantastic relief from everyday stresses. Though, to be fair to a hardcore gamer, some aspects of games become chores they have to do to get better so it can add some stress. But the good kind. I remember when things got dark in my life and these friends along with these fantastic realms of escape are what gave me any relief, any joy. If you spend enough time in the gaming community, you hear far too many stories about how when people were at their darkest points, the group of people they’d go and game with are what kept them alive. Gaming is a kind of guardian angel to some. When conventional social interaction fails, gamers have the ability to find a new home.

So, why do gamers game? For the fun, the friends, the refuge, the competition and yes, even the thrill. Everyone has their own little slice of Heaven, and that happens to be ours.

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