Explore many acres of C.B. Smith Park

Mauricio Correa

Contributing writer

Under the Florida sun, a world full of activities, events and parties await, itching to satisfy your inner-self. This summer, allow the leafy-green scope of South Florida to engage your senses and take you amongst trees and fellow friends alike.

Located in Pembroke Pines, on the intersection of Flamingo Rd. and Pines Blvd., C.B. Smith Park offers several amenities and services for the casual nature aficionado.

It is spread across 299 acres and offers 22 shelters, barbeque pits, picnic tables, batting cages, and much more. Entry for the whole day costs only $1.50, which also gets you access to any Broward County park during that day.

C.B. Smith hosts triathlons, religious ceremonies, weddings and birthday parties to name a few of the many events home to this park. The two shelters make for a wide diversity in the types of events held. Families hold colorful birthday parties for their kids; baby showers and wedding receptions are commonplace; business companies or large collectives can even meet under the enclosure of the Meeting Cabin, one of the roofed shelters available for daily rental.

C.B. Smith is also the proud host of the annual Chili Cook-Off.

“The whole park is closed for the day,” said Elaine Ritter, Student Office Support Clerk, a two-year veteran of the offices running C.B. Smith.

“Anywhere from 10,000 to 25,000 people attend… It’s all Chili Cook-Off.”

Music, food and fun—what more can you ask for?

On its Northern side, C.B. Smith offers campsites and RV parking for those yearning for a night under the stars. Its quiet and out of the way location make it perfect for a soft night of campfire stories, songs and laughs. If camping and bonfires appeal to the wilderness in you, C.B. Smith will take you with open arms.

The park is also home to beautiful settings fit for any romantic outing.

“I’ve seen a lot of couples,” said Ritter.

“You can even bring a canoe, or like a boat and go on the lake.”

With its wide tranquil lakes and relaxed atmosphere, C.B. Smith offers a serene experience for families and lovebirds alike.

For all outdoor enthusiasts, C.B. Smith is a great place to grab friends, family, or your better half, and seize the day under the bright Florida sun. This summer, the waterpark will be open seven days a week. There are also summer camps for the little ones. If athletic blood flows through your veins, then you might find an outlet here as the park houses tennis courts, batting cages, golf range, mini-golf, and wide open fields for intramural sports. Whatever you find yourself doing, you’ll surely be enjoying yourself when you pay a visit to C.B. Smith Park.

For more information, you can reach C.B. Smith Park at (954) 357-5170.

Address: 900 N Flamingo Rd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33028

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